Interview with the Author, by the Author

January 2016

Me: Congratulations on publishing your very first book!

Myself: Thank you very much.  I’m quite excited.


Me: Can you tell everyone what your book, My Dirty Detour, is about?

Myself: Sure.  It’s a comedy romance with a bad-boy alpha male hero and a witty heroine who doesn’t put up with any crap.  There are several supporting characters that are also pretty entertaining.  It has suspense, action, romance, drama, and a healthy dose of humor.


Me: Sounds good.  Where did you get the idea for the book?

Myself: Well, I love to read.  After reading a ton of romance novels on my kindle, I decided that I would throw my hat into the ring and try to write something myself.  I like stories with the bad-boy alpha male hero, but sometimes the heroine is so wishy-washy that it makes me want to puke.  I like my romance stories to have smart characters, a limit on clichés, and good character back stories.  I hate short 90 pages novellas because that’s not a whole book, it’s only a teaser.  I hate cliffhangers and I hate love triangles.  I hate books that take themselves too seriously.  I love humor in a book because life is too short to take yourself seriously all the time.  Laughter is the best medicine.


Me: You sound very opinionated.

Myself: Yes, I’m quite picky.


Me: Is there anything you’d like to warn your readers about the book?

Myself: They should know that it does have explicit language.  All the major curse words (and some new ones that I invented) do find their way into the book.  If anyone is turned off by vulgar language, they probably want to avoid this book.  Also there are several steamy bedroom scenes.


Me: Oh, really?  Do tell.

Myself: Most characters in romance novels do end up in the bedroom.  In real life, people get together and it usually leads to some smooching.  I decided to include those scenes in the book and not leave them to the reader’s imagination.  If anyone is offended by a sex scene in all its graphic glory, then they probably want to avoid this book.


Me: Ok, sounds good. Any parting thoughts?

Myself: Yes.  Please give my book a try and see if it’s something you might like.  It’s for anyone who can enjoy a good romance that has hot guys, feisty ladies, comedy, elements of the mafia, and steamy bedroom scenes.  If you enjoy my story, please leave a review on Amazon or Goodreads.  It would be greatly appreciated.