19 Absolutely FREE books to One-Click on Amazon…

Yes, you read that correctly!  I’m part of a Multi-Author Summer Freebie promotion where a large group of authors joined together in an effort to attract new readers.  What does that mean for you?  You can one-click on Amazon to your heart’s desire, load up your kindle for FREE, and not have to sign up for any newsletters in the process!

As always, please double check that the books are free before you one-click since Amazon has a tendency to make up their own rules from time to time!

multi author freebie

If you want to do this the slow and painless way, then click here if you’re on Amazon US…


And click here if you’re in the UK…


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If you’d like to do this the more fun and time consuming way, you can read my little comments about each story…

Book 1) Interviewing for her lover (No, this is NOT part of the 20 book author promotion, but I stumbled upon the freebie last week, read it, and LOVED IT!  The heroine is likable, the hero is swoonworthy, and I enjoyed the story.  Highly recommended!  Be warned that this is book ONE in the series and it DOES end on a cliffhanger!


Book 2)  Desire had a name…  Looks like the first book in a series about the Baker Boys.


Book 3)  Just for me… Looks really good.  Military man trying to piece his life back together when his grandfather acts as matchmatcher… I one clicked it!!!




Book 5)  Where did your heart go… girl fights to find true love


Book 6)  Destiny…retelling of Romeo and Juliet…looks good!


Book 7)  Healing Danger… sounds very suspenseful.


Book 8) Naughty but Rice…. Girl on vacation meets a stranger


Book 9)  To fool an assassin…  Navy Seals and badass women!


Book 10)  The Legend of Arturo King…rockstar romance


Book 11)  Mountains Wanted…professor meets Army Sergeant and worlds collide


Book 12)  Shifted Uncover…Werewolf suspense!




Book 14) Foundation love…Soul Sisters book five


Book 15)  My Dirty Bet…. This is my freebie, so you all probably have this already.  If not….


Book 16)  Daughter of Destiny…paranormal magic…


Book 17) Fallen Angel a mafia romance…


Book 18)  Enigma of Life…FBI agent investigates a handsome stranger…


Book 19)  Leap of Faith…paranormal romance.


Book 20)  Tides of Hope…second chance romance


Book 21)  Legend of Blue Eyes…vampire romance…



There you have it…enough books to keep you busy for quite some time!  Click on a few or click on them all…you never know where your next favorite book might be hiding!!!



It’s that time of year again…

This is one of my favorite times of the year!  In case you’re asking yourself, “It’s August, what the heck is she talking about?” then let me explain.

Two words: Fair Food.

I live in the Midwest and our state fairs have some of the wildest food you could ever imagine.  Most of the concoctions sound so delicious, it’s like you’ve died and gone to heaven, while other crazy creations make my stomach turn just thinking about them.  Would you like examples?  Of course you would.

We’ll go in alphabetical order by State because I like to be all organizational.

California State Fair:

Deep-fried bacon-wrapped Reeses Peanut Butter Cup.  Hell yeah.  I would absolutely eat that without a second thought.  I’m a fan of bacon.  Which is good, because a fair amount of items on this list involve bacon in some form.

Captain Crunch Chicken Sandwich.  Captain crunch cereal appears to be mixed with slow cooked pulled chicken!  Looks disgusting.  No thank you, California.  I’ll pass on this delicacy.

captain crunch

Iowa State Fair:

Apple Taco. Apple taco is a soft shelled tortilla deep fat fried sprinkled with cinnamon/sugar filled with granny smith apples topped with whip cream and caramel.  Absolutely YES to this one.  I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a sucker for anything deep fried.

apple taco

–Sweet Potato Totchos.  Sweet potato tater tots with a marshmallow and caramel sauce drizzled over top. The Sweet Potato TotChos are a dessert alternative.  While I’m all for name-blending celebrity couples, I’m not sure I’m down with the tot/nacho combo of a totcho.  I absolutely DESPISE sweet potatoes so this would make me run far and fast in the other direction.

Minnesota State Fair

Duck Bacon Wontons.  Duck bacon, grilled sweet corn, and cream cheese combined inside deep fried wontons served with dipping sauce.  This sounds gross, too.  Is it bacon made out of duck meat?  I love ducks and I would feed them bread if I saw them in the park.  I don’t want to EAT them.  Also, I don’t know how corn fits into the mix.  Pass!

–Cheesy Nacho Corn on the Cob:  Roasted corn on the cob lightly coated with crushed Dorito® corn chips and nacho cheese.  For some reason, I have a feeling this would taste absolutely horrible, but that would NOT prevent me from trying it.  The cheesy sauce on top would probably be a bit of overkill.

cob corn

Memphis Totchos:  Sliced bananas and sautéed bacon over tator tots topped with peanut sauce.  I would also have to kindly decline on this one.  You lost me at bananas, tator tots, and peanut sauce.  Can I just pick the bacon out and eat that?  And what’s with the TOTCHOS?  Two different state fairs have them, so I’m assuming this isn’t a regional thing.  I must live under a rock if I’ve never heard of the Totcho.

New Jersey Fair:

Fried Bubble Gum.  I don’t even need to see a picture to know that there’s no way in Hell I’m going to EAT bubble gum.  Not even if you deep fry it.  Not even if you wrap it in bacon (although there’s no bacon with the gum, I just thought I’d throw that out there.)

New York State Fair:

The Pig Out. It starts with deep-fried bacon that gets coated in Doritos. Then it’s fried again and topped with a chipotle sauce and cheese.  While I’m kind of excited for the double deep fry technique, the cheese and chipotle sauce would put the nail in that coffin.  I’m not a fan of sauces.

Texas State Fair:

This is a giant disappointment because there were NO pictures on the website.  Nor were there any details or descriptions of the food.  So many unanswered questions!  However, the food listed on the site pretty much blew my mind.

Deep Fried Froot Loops.  I can’t even imagine how you’d do this.  NO!

Deep Fried Chicken Noodle Soup on a Stick.  I definitely need more information on this one.  But, yeah, I’d get this without a second thought.  Come on, people…it’s CHICKEN NOODLE SOUP!  So healthy!

Fried Texas Dirt.  Um…I’m assuming this isn’t real dirt…but what IS it then??

Oreo Beer.  HELL YEAH.  This is perhaps my favorite of every food I’ve listed.  I want this.  Sooooo badly!

Ramen Grasshopper Cookie.  Is this a cookie made of real grasshopper bugs and ramen noodles?  What in heaven’s name would make a person decide to combine those items?

Wisconsin State Fair:

Monkey Business.  You’ll go bananas for our caramelized banana burrito! Stuffed with house-made bacon jam and creamy peanut butter, then deep fried, drizzled with Wisconsin honey, and finished with a sprinkle of chipotle cinnamon sugar – this funky monkey means business!  Yeah, I’d have to try this one, simply for the chipotle cinnamon sugar.  I’m intrigued!!!

Three Little Pigs Ravioli.  Completely noodleless, handmade bacon ravioli stuffed with 3 different styles of pork! 6 slices of handwoven bacon stuffed with homemade bourbon bacon jam, house smoked pulled pork shoulder, and pancetta. Complemented by cream cheese, Wisconsin smoked gouda, scallions, onion and brown sugar. Served with homemade cherry bourbon bacon BBQ jam.  Hmm.  That sounds like it has a LOT going on.  Too many flavors would assault my senses.

Unicorn Twinkie.  Deep-fried twinkie with cotton candy filling topped with bright pink and blue icing with edible glitter sprinkles.  I think I just threw up in my mouth from reading that description.  PASS!


There you have it, folks.  If you’re looking to fill up on high calorie, high fat, extremely unique fair foods, you’ve got a list of delicacies to get you started!

What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever eaten?  Was it disgusting or did you fall in love with the flavor sensation?  I’m always looking for suggestions…

As always, have a great day and thanks for reading!






Books, Books, and more Books!

It’s newsletter swap time, everyone.  What does that mean?  I signed up to be in other author’s newsletters and they signed up to be in mine.   This is a great opportunity to learn about books that you might otherwise have missed.  Let’s get this show on the road, shall we?

First up… My Surrender by Ava Blake FREE! (I haven’t read it but it sounds good and it’s FREE!)

Gavin Rowley looks down on the city from his penthouse suite and surveys his domain, plotting what he should reach out and take next.
Nora Grier lives in a cramped second bedroom at the bottom of the building, goes to school, and fantasies about a better life, and a strong alpha man. Or she does when she can find a spare minute for fantasizing.
They live in the same building, but their lives are a million miles apart. But in the building sauna, with towels and little else to hide behind, Gavin sees something besides another real estate deal that he wants, and he doesn’t hesitate to reach out and take it.



Runner by Karma Kingsley  FREE on Instafreebie

This is a M/M romance.  I read it and I really, really liked it.  I fell in love with Atwell (the love interest of the main character).  Highly recommended for those who like M/M books.



Tall Dark and Deadly by Kharma Kelley  FREE on Instafreebie

I haven’t read it but the cover looks hot!



Sold to the Billionaire by Amy Faye 99 cents on Amazon (I haven’t read it but it sounds really good and I put it on my TBR list!)

Punishing me with his c*ck is like punishing a starving man with food.

“Get on your knees, babe.”


“So I can film you sucking my c*ck.”

My dad makes bad decisions. Selling me instead of paying off his gambling debts was the biggest one yet.

I wasn’t even surprised.

What was surprising was how much I loved toying with my new master. And how much I loved it when he punished me for it.

How much punishment can he give? And how much can I take?

This novel is sexy, naughty, and comes with a guaranteed happily ever after! There are NO CLIFFHANGERS and an ending that will leave you so satisfied.



Stake Out by Lily Luchesi  99 Cents on Amazon (I haven’t read it but it has hot cops and vampires!)

In a city overrun with the undead, an ex-cop is given a chance to get revenge…
Danny Mancini is on a case, following a murder suspect. When he catches him, he finds out that the perp isn’t even human: he’s a 200 year old rogue vampire!
The department doesn’t believe him, and puts him on early retirement, despite his many years of service to the Chicago Police Department, which sends him into a downward spiral.
Two years later, Danny gets an invitation from the beautiful, young Detective Angelica Cross to join a secret branch of the FBI to help her track down Vincent, the wayward vamp.
But renegade werewolves, meddling immortal witches and Danny’s strange visions of a life lived a century ago with Angelica make things more difficult than it should be.



Raging Inferno by Angela Sanders  99 Cents on Amazon

Two years have passed since Abigail Blanque’s life was changed forever. After suffering a great loss, she fed into her darkness and pain, killing every rogue vampire within her reach.
Abby finds herself marked by an evil ancestor hell-bent on returning from her talisman-encased prison. She needs Abby’s soul in order to rise again. Meanwhile, something sinister is happening in New Orleans. An unidentified dark force is taking over hybrids and other supernaturals, but no one knows who’s bringing the malevolent black magic forth and it’s set its sights on Abby.
It’s a race against time and it’s up to Abby, her sister Elizabeth, and trusted friends to stop this evil before it wreaks havoc within the city.
The Darkness has been awakened.



Kendrick: A Chicago Bad Boy by  Peter Presley $2.99 on Amazon or Free with Kindle Unlimited

Fresh out of jail for a robbery conviction, twenty-eight-year-old Kendrick Johnson is ready to put his life of crime behind him. With a solid plan to straighten his life out, he knows what he has to do, but having a goal and making it a reality are two entirely different things, especially when a seductive distraction and former partners in crime are vying for his attention.

Car wash owner Anita Jackson will never hire another ex-con again. That’s what she tells herself . . . until Kendrick shows up at her door. Then, all bets are off. Their instant attraction to each other leads to a sizzling love affair, but a relationship between the sexy boss and her handsome employee could lead to trouble, especially when the lure of fast money and the life Kendrick used to live keep begging him to return.

Is Kendrick willing to sacrifice his relationship and his freedom for easy money?



Still life by D B Kennison  $ 2.99 on Amazon

Good art is subjective, Bad art can be positively deadly.
Randi Lassiter is twenty-nine, divorced, and remarkably content with her nonexistent social life. Mainly because she moonlights for an attorney nabbing adulterers—like her ex—with her camera.
When she stumbles across a mutilated body, it takes fast-talking to convince the arrogant detective she’s not a suspect. One look at him, and she pegs him as a guy who uses his sexy smirk to separate women from their morals.
When Detective Jon Bricksen is named lead investigator of the first murder this microscopic town has seen in forty years, he questions his decision to leave the death and violence of Milwaukee behind. Randi’s questionable sleuthing skills aren’t making his job any easier.
Theirs is a partnership of aggravation until her small-town network results in critical progress. Forced into an uneasy alliance, they battle a growing attraction—and a killer who’s out to make them the stars of his next piece of deadly performance art.



There you have it everyone….several opportunities to fill your kindle!

Have a great week and enjoy the August HEAT!

Until next time…



Would you rather…Read or Watch?

Today’s blog post is going to cover the topic of Book Versus Movie/Television. The reason for this debate (or rather, why I have my panties in a twist) is because I watched the new TV Series ‘Midnight, Texas’ based off the book series by Charlaine Harris.

Let me first give you some background info: I read all the Sookie Stackhouse books and watched one or two episodes of True Blood on HBO.  (I probably would have watched more, but we didn’t get HBO at the time because we’re too cheap to pay for it and now I’m too lazy to rent the series on DVD).  I have read NONE of the Midnight, Texas books.  Evidently there are three books in the series.

So I DVR’d the Midnight, Texas television show and decided I’d give it a chance. I knew I liked the author and I love shows with a paranormal element.  After the first fifteen minutes I was hooked.  The show started with a whopper of an action scene and immediately grabbed my attention.  However, my mind began to wander as the episode progressed and I felt like I was missing out on valuable information that was most likely in the book, but cut out of the television show in order to save on time.  In the end, I decided that I’d be better off just reading the books and not waiting for a whole season of shows to find out what happens.

This brings me to our topic of today…do you all agree with me? Would you rather read a story and picture it in your head as the drama unfolds…or would you rather let it play out on television or at the movie theater?  I would honestly have to say that I prefer the books in 90% of situations.

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane for some prime examples of stuff I’ve read and then watched.

Example #1   THE STAND by STEPHEN KING.  This is my favorite book in the history of books.  The man tells a narrative and sets a scene like nobody’s business.  I didn’t feel the miniseries did it justice.

Example #2 The Twilight Series.  By the time the fourth book was released, I had seen the movie and couldn’t help but picture Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart as Edward and Bella.  The fact that they were both in the tabloids every five seconds kind of removed some of the excitement of the story for me.

Example #3 Fifty Shades of Grey. I suffered through all the books (yes, Anastasia, please bite your lip ONE MORE TIME) and had no real desire to see Mr. Grey make a brooding ‘I want to spank you’ face for two hours on film.  But…we had free HBO that weekend, so I DVR’d it anyway.  (Yes, I have a problem with watching TV live in real time.  I like to DVR stuff so I can fast forward.  I hate commercials and have a short attention span!)  Wow.  I ended up skipping most of the sex scenes and laughing every time Christian Grey scowled.

Example #4  Harry Potter.  This is the one exception to the rule of my preference for books over movies.  I would have to say that both of them were equally mesmerizing. While it’s true that I prefer to picture the characters in my head, and it’s always a disappointment when the actors cast in the role do not match up, I have no problem with Harry, Hermione, or Ron.  I think JK Rowling did such an amazing job with her world building and stayed true to her characters.

I guess there’s nothing quite like the feeling when you’re totally engrossed in a good book, transported to another world, and get so absorbed that you block out everything going on in real life. I can do that a lot easier when I’m reading than when I’m watching.

That’s just my opinion, but I’m interested to know what you think of the topic.  What movies did you find to be better than the books?

Til next time….


I need a MUCH stronger Deodorant…

I know, you’re staring at the subject line of this blog post and wondering what the heck I’m talking about.  Of course there’s a story behind it.  You know I’m all about the back story!  Are you ready?  Let’s dive in…

As you may or may not be aware, I’m extremely cheap and hesitant to actually spend any money promoting my books.  I’ll sign up for ANY promotional opportunity as long as it has the cost of $FREE.  That’s what led me to jump in blindly to a new opportunity.  What am I talking about?  Something called a “Live Write.”

I was talking to someone on Facebook and she said the magic phrase ‘free opportunity to get your name out there.’  I instantly said, “SIGN ME UP!” without doing a lick of research.  This is my typical method of operation in life.  So, as per usual, I might be in over my head a little bit.

A ‘Live Write’ is where two authors come together in real time and write a story.  In this case, the ‘Live Write’ is on Friday July 21 in the form of a Facebook Event.  There are six writers broken up into pairs, and each pair of writers gets one hour to do their story.  I’m still not 100 percent sure how it works, but I think the two authors take turns each writing three or four sentences and then it’s the next person’s turn and then back to the first person’s turn.  The moderator chooses a picture and the two authors have to construct a story based on that picture.  The scary part is that you have to be fast on your feet, the story has to make sense, and you can’t second guess where the plot is leading because it’s all LIVE in real time.  There’s no do-over and no advanced preparation.  You see the picture and then you’re off and running with no time to strategize.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I can be spontaneous and improvise a story.  That’s not the issue.  The thing that’s causing me to sweat through my deodorant in five seconds flat…is the fact that most authors don’t write the way that I do.  I researched one of these events AFTER I signed up for it (yeah, I should have done that the other way around) and I was in for a bit of a rude awakening.

They write stuff that sounds all flowery and descriptive like…

“The majestic sun cast down her light, beaming bright rays of warmth onto the harsh, scorched pavement.   Every desperately thirsty plant within a two mile radius ached for even the barest drop of rainwater to coat their withering leaves.  This environment was detrimental to the well-being of the inhabitants on the planet, causing deplorable living conditions for millions of unfortunate citizens.”

(Yeah, I just made all that crap up off the top of my head, but it took forever because I can’t think of descriptive words.)

While I write stuff that sounds like…


            Dmitry kept pacing and I started to sweat a bit more than usual.  After watching me wipe my hands on my jeans for the third time, he called me over and asked me take a little walk with him to burn off nervous energy. 

            “Violet, you and I are both in the same boat.  I can’t handle the flight without a tiny bit of help,” he confessed.  He reached into his pocket and took out a little Ziploc bag full of pills.  “I’m taking six of these fuckers to get to the point where I can get on the plane without losing my shit.  Do you want one or two of them?”

            “What are they?” I think that’s a valid question to ask before taking a mysterious pill from a bag in someone’s pocket.

            “Do you trust me?  At all?”

            “Of course I do.”  That was true.  I would put my life in Rocky’s hands, but not counting him, Dmitry was the next one in line that I trusted the most.  He had been there for me after my world exploded and he talked some sense into me.  Rocky tried to protect me from the truth, Irina threw it in my face and told me to grow a pair, but Dmitry…he actually took the time to sit down with me and explain things.  I had an enormous amount of respect for the man. 

            “Good.  Thank you.  I would never do anything to betray that trust.  Now shut up and take the damn pill.”

            Dmitry counted out six for him and one for me.  I really did not want to do this, but I did it anyway.  Hopefully I would just fall asleep on the plane and not be so nervous.

            “What was that?” I asked after it went down the hatch.

            “A very strong sedative.  If I can take a handful, then you should be fine with one.”

            “If I throw up, I’m going to kill you,” I warned.  “Throwing up is my biggest fear in life.”

            We walked back to Rocky and Sergio.  They were stretching their legs and getting ready to board the plane.  I wondered how long it would take for Dmitry’s magic pill to start working.  The answer to that question was about two minutes.

            “It smells really nice in this airport,” I muttered randomly, looking around and breathing deeply.  “Like popcorn and coffee and cheesecake.”

            “I don’t think cheesecake has a smell,” Dmitry argued.

            “Cheese has a scent and cake has a scent.  Using that logic, cheesecake has a scent,” I said.  Damn.  I was so smart.  I think this was a brain pill.

            Dmitry stuck his finger in my face and said, “Oh, really?  A fish has a smell and a vagina has a smell.  But sometimes they’re the same smell.”

            I bust out laughing and giggled, “That makes no sense, you twat!”

            “Dmitry, who are you fucking that it smells like fish down there?” Sergio asked, shaking his head in disappointment, presumably at Dmitry’s sexual partners.

            This caused me to laugh even harder.

            “I can’t feel my arms.  They’re floating,” I said, flapping my arms like a bird.

            “Son of a bitch!” Rocky snapped.  “Dmitry, what did you take and what the fuck did you give to Violet?”

            “I took a few pills and she took a tiny little quarter of a pill.  Don’t worry about it.”

            “He’s a LIAR!  He took like twenty pills and I had a WHOLE one!” I whispered really loudly.  “Shh.  We have to be quiet or they won’t let us on the plane.  I want to see the zombies and the slot machines!  Do you think they have zombies PLAYING the slot machines?”

Do you see the difference?  I was born to write humorous dialogue and NOT evocative imagery.  So I’m pretty sure I’m going to have an epic failure at this Live Write.  I feel sorry for the author that’s stuck being my partner.

Dear Author who’s drawn the short straw and forced to be my Live Write partner, I apologize in advance for messing up your story with witty dialogue, curse words, and absolutely no fancy prose.

Oh my goodness.  Am I even allowed to swear at all during this thing?  I mean when I first meet new people, I’m all about the ‘please,’ ‘thank you,’ and ‘have a lovely day.’  But after you get to know me (which takes all of ten minutes), my formality usually goes out the window and the SH*TS, A$$E$, and worse start creeping into the conversation.  Am I rude?  No.  It’s just the way I speak.  I will have to try super hard to contain myself at this event, so as not to look like I’m insane.

Also, I have a BAD habit of randomly capitalizing words in sentences.  Most normal authors use italics when they want to stress a word, but not me.  ‘Grace’ and ‘Normal’ do not go hand in hand.  I like to use ALL caps when I want to stress a word.  This is not something I do on purpose.  It’s instinct…like breathing.  When I read books where proper authors use italics, I think to myself, “So THAT’S how you’re supposed to do it!” and then I go back to using my all caps like a weirdo.

Okay.  I’m going WAY off topic.  I forgot what this blog post was even supposed to be about.  Deep breath.

1) You are ALL cordially invited to attend my very first ever Live Write event.  Here is the link to the event on Facebook:


I’m LIVE from 8-9pm USA Central Time Zone.

Please feel free to come and watch me go down in flames.  Please also know that while you’re at home being a spectator, I will ABSOLUTELY sweating through several layers of deodorant and frequently wiping my palms on my jeans and muttering, “WHY did I sign up for this?”

2) If that little snippet from My Dirty Vacation (up abovein RED) caught your eye…I’d like to mention that it’s currently on sale for the low, low price of only 99 cents or £0.99 (for my Brits!).  The sale runs from July 20 – July 27 on a Kindle Countdown Deal.  Here is the link in case you would like to take advantage of this amazing, limited time offer.   https://www.amazon.com/My-Dirty-Vacation-Comedy-Adventure-ebook/dp/B071L5359F

Amazon UK LINK

My Dirty Vacation Amazon Cover


I probably should have put that buy link somewhere closer to the top of the email.  I’m HORRIBLE at sales and marketing.

Anyway…as always…thank you very much for reading and have a lovely day!



How does your garden grow? (Summer blog post with PICTURES!)

What’s that nursery rhyme…Mary, Mary quite contrary, how does your garden grow?

I don’t know how Mary’s garden is doing, but mine is kind of crappy.  For those of you who don’t pay attention to my yard and what happens in it (which would be all of you, I presume), this is the second year for my garden.  Last year we planted cucumbers, green peppers, zucchini, pumpkins, carrots, and lettuce.  To say that it was a shit show would be putting it mildly.  We were swarmed with Japanese beetles, cucumber beetles, my cucumber plant broke off at the stem, the flowers fell off the pumpkins and none grew, and the zucchini turned rotten and mushy before they were fully grown.

Yes, when I said it was a disaster, I wasn’t kidding.

Fast forward to THIS year.  We’ve planted a different kind of lettuce (Last year the lettuce was bitter and tasted gross…no clue as to why), NO zucchini, and NO carrots.  How’s it going so far?  Thank you for asking!  I’ll tell you…

I have SIX green pepper plants all in individual pots.  They seem pretty decent so far.  I go out and check on them, find Japanese beetles on some of the leaves, have a screaming freak out fit probably scaring the hell out of any neighbor within ear shot, and squash the life out of those bastards.  I’ve found the most satisfying method of destruction is to take two pooper scoopers (are they called trowels?) and mash the bugs between them thus causing a delightful CRUNCH as they pass on to the next realm.  Of course it pisses me off to see the bugs ruining my leaves, yet it also makes me feel guilty after I kill them.  If someone squished my ass just because I was doing nothing more than innocently chewing on my food, I would have a bit of an attitude.  So…bug death is satisfying yet guilt-inducing.  Yes, I have issues.  Here is a picture of my green pepper plant….


Moving right along…the rest of the garden is not doing as well as the green peppers.  We have cantaloupe, cucumbers, and pumpkins planted in a large raised garden.  The cucumber babies are yellow.  They are not supposed to be yellow.  See example of dying tiny cucumber… (FYI, when I was loading the pictures from my camera to the computer, I labeled this one as ‘CUCUMBER DEATH PIC’


Not all of them are dead, because I do have this oddly shaped curvy fellow:


So, folks, there you have it.  Should the zombie apocalypse occur and I’m forced to hunker down and shelter in place, I will be going without fresh fruits and vegetables.  If I get absolutely desperate, I’ll have to eat the flowers growing around my house.

Yes, those are actually doing quite well.  Want pics?  Of course you do!

Here is a pretty pink flower that looks like a firework.  My husband wants to pull them out every year because he thinks they’re weeds, even though they grow IN THE SAME POT every single season.


I also have these orange ones…


These white ones…


And these pretty roses:



So there you have it…that’s the story of my green thumb (or lack thereof).

In case you’re wondering why the contemporary romantic comedy erotica author is writing a gardening blog post…it’s been a slow few weeks and I have no other gossip for you today.

Have a lovely week and thanks for reading!


P.S. Please, please, PLEASE do not ask me the names of the flowers.  I think the orange ones are Asian Lilies, but I have NO clue as to the white or pink ones.  Which is why I call them ‘white’ and ‘pink’ ones.

Time to fill your kindle for FREE!

That’s right, you read that correctly…tons of free books for you!   Okay, literally not TONS, but quite a few.  I think there are three books on the following list that are priced at 99 cents and seventy that are absolutely FREE!  What’s the special occasion?  It’s July, which means summer is in FULL swing.  You can’t go out during the day without breaking a sweat, and you can’t go out at night without a swarm of mosquitos sucking your blood worse than a hungry vampire attacking an innocent village girl.

Since the outside world is too dangerous, what’s a person to do?  Easy…stay in and read!

But sometimes it’s expensive to buy books, and all the stories you’re desperate to read can be a real drain to the old wallet.  What’s a person to do?  Easy…click on one of the SEVERAL links below to download a FREE story to entertain you.

Did I grab your attention with my awesomely captivating intro?  Wonderful.

Let me tell you all the details…I’m part of a newsletter swap program called BOOK BOAST and also part of a MAJOR promotion organized by D.E. Chapman with SEVENTY free science fiction and fantasy stories.  Since these two promotions are going on at the same time, I’m combining my newsletter to feature all kinds of AWESOME stuff.

Without further ado, let us begin, shall we?  There is a LOT of ground to cover, so sit back, relax, and let me give you the grand tour… we’ll go at it in TWO sections, okay?

Let me also say that I have read NONE of the stories that I’m about to thrust upon you.  We’ll explore them together!  Don’t worry, we can hold hands if it gets scary.

PART ONE OF THE NEWSLETTER -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

Let’s start with the Book Boast specials.  There are only SIX of them, so this should go fast.  Just a reminder…. the Book Boast website is a giant author swap where other authors put me in their newsletter and I put them in mine.  I chose six books for your reading enjoyment.  THE FIRST THREE are Ninety Nine Cents…. The last three are FREE…

–Book One:  Stryker’s Desire (Dragons of Sin City Book One)  $0.99  (WARNING…THIS ONE ISN’T FREE BUT IT LOOKS REALLY GOOD)

The sight of her curves makes my mouth water. The fire deep inside me threatens to rage out of control. But every time I try to claim what’s mine, she slips away.
As one of the wealthiest casino owners in Vegas, there’s no doubt I could have any woman wrapped around my finger in a heartbeat. Until I met Ava Winter.
There’s something haunting behind those enchanting eyes that I just can’t read–and this mysterious beauty won’t let me.
As much as she pushes me away, I can’t resist her. But I know I shouldn’t allow myself to give in to the fiery temptation. Not if I want to keep her safe from the other dragons in Sin City.
Or myself…


— Book Two:  Backseat with the Billionaire $0.99  (WARNING…ALSO NOT FREE BUT IT LOOKS REALLY GOOD)   It is the debut novel by Lilah May and it involves an MMA fighter.  It’s a full length, stand alone, HEA, no cheating, Dark Contemporary Sports Billionaire Romance novel.


–Book THREE:  Mann Cakes by Mysti Parker  $0.99  (WARNING…ALSO NOT FREE)

Twin brothers and Air Force vets, Tanner and Garrett Mann, return from deployment to find their thriving business burned to the ground. They move back to their hometown of Beach Pointe, buy an old diner and call it Mann Cakes. That means competing with Paige & Morgan Baxter- gorgeous, curvy, and owners of Two Sisters cupcakes. But how much are they willing to risk to win a cupcake war?


–Book FOUR:  Lovers and Liars by Liz Meldon   (Absolutely FREE) This looks super good!

Stuck in the modern world with no godly company, Aphrodite is bored—and horribly lonely. Thankfully, things start to look up again when she runs into Loki at a martini bar in Manhattan. The Sly One, however, is busy with a murderous maenad, and Aphrodite must decide if she will fall in line behind the dastardly god, or slip back into obscurity as a romance columnist.


–Book Five:  Untamed by Alisha Costanzo  (ABSOLUTELY FREE)

Ari’s met the most mesmerizing hunk in existence. It only took her best friend getting turned into a vampire and the queen’s deranged sidekick kidnapping Ari as leverage to find him.

This is a sweet romantic short that runs alongside the Broken World’s main series.


–Book SIX:  Boardroom, Bedroom by Gemma Snow (FREE!)

All Geneva Sterling wants is for Trenton and Sons Investment to sign the contract that could make her career. She’s been after them for nearly a year, and would have been successful too – if it weren’t for Dylan freaking Trenton. He’s hell bent on sinking this deal, and he’ll stop at nothing to get her to back off. But Geneva’s not going down without a fight, even if her opponent in this boardroom boxing match makes her hotter than anyone else ever has.  Dylan Trenton just wants to get his mind off work, and the powerful, infuriating and oh-so-beautiful Geneva Sterling. So when an associate takes him to Club Underground to check out his most recent investment, Dylan decides to go with the flow. After all, there’s a goddess in a slinky silver dress just calling his name. But when he finds out exactly who he’s dancing – and more – with, Dylan learns that hate and desire run a close parallel, and tonight he might just step over the line.



Part Two….D.E. Chapman’s awesome fantasy/sci fi promotion.

Are you still with me, dear reader?  Excellent!  I’m quite excited for this next part of the newsletter.  I signed up to be included in D.E. Chapman’s giant group promotion to feature FREE fantasy and sci fi stories.  ALL of these are FREE!  Now there was no neat little list of books to copy and paste for this…I believe we’re all supposed to share the link to D.E. Chapman’s website and you can scroll down and click as you please.  But where’s the fun in that?  The way I see it… we have two choices…

Choice #1…you can go to her website, download whatever books catch your eye, and we can call it a day and be done.  Here’s the website…


Choice #2…this choice is my preferred option.  Let’s make this interesting, shall we?  This is going to take a boatload of time, but I have nothing better to do at the moment.  I’m going to copy and paste every single one of the links to these babies and I’m going to give them my OWN one sentence blurb.  Because…why not?   Let’s explore together!  I can already tell I’m getting in over my head and I’m going to wish I never started this by about halfway in…but…I’m a glutton for punishment!  Let’s go!

https://www.instafreebie.com/free/PcH0k   Fractured Past

ooh…girl undergoes experiments and sets out for revenge!

https://www.instafreebie.com/free/427W3 Veona

political storm, dark magic, unborn child

https://www.instafreebie.com/free/HKpYy  Soot Angel

arson investigator, death must be avenged

https://www.instafreebie.com/free/mWouZ Alaskan’s Blood

swords and truth, girl with pretty eyes on the cover

https://instafreebie.com/free/uuPMJ Firebird Alex

girl who bursts into flames when she gets angry?  Ooh!

https://www.instafreebie.com/free/yznML Quick Escape

three tales including one called Fairy Flu.  I like that name!

https://www.instafreebie.com/free/wGPpP Burning Fate

girl torn between love and country.  Drama!

https://instafreebie.com/free/ft6BN Song Walker

your thoughts are not your own in the new world…

https://www.instafreebie.com/free/0Ldsv Fearless

the monster under the bed is real and the girl on the cover is HOT

https://www.instafreebie.com/free/QKnvN Assassins Tool

Assassin has to race against time to solve a murder

https://www.instafreebie.com/free/vOPUQ Blood and Shadow

band of magical heroes must stop evil

https://www.instafreebie.com/free/ZkpRm Witchling Apprentice

girl joins coven to get freedom

https://www.instafreebie.com/free/6IqAU Society of Imaginary Friends

powerful girl goes to distant planet to find magic

https://www.instafreebie.com/free/xrHVi Shadow Sight

demon walks into girl’s office with a job she can’t refuse

https://www.instafreebie.com/free/00w03 Savages

warrior must avenge her village

https://www.instafreebie.com/free/4GoT5  Enforcer

demon fighter

https://www.instafreebie.com/free/v0Vqy Dream Snatcher

girl gets revenge after wizard kills her mother

https://www.instafreebie.com/free/fJKEC An Ominous Book

elfs and humans

https://www.instafreebie.com/free/tJg9g The Arrival

21st century women get sucked to distant land

https://www.instafreebie.com/free/ACXHY Soul Breaker

detective who kills monsters

https://instafreebie.com/free/VcCg0 Dragon Slayer’s Sword

girl trained to kill dragons until she meets one

https://www.instafreebie.com/free/NycmI Caves of Ice, Caverns of Fire

a prince fights hell’s army

https://www.instafreebie.com/free/LOgbe Five Warriors

five warriors have magical weapons

https://www.instafreebie.com/free/y8n7N Thief’s blade

the captive has escaped and he wants revenge

https://www.instafreebie.com/free/zWza4 Cinderscars Project

government marks your skin if you break a rule.

https://www.instafreebie.com/free/fHlHc Lizzie’s first bearer

succubus falls in love with a sorcerer…ooh…romance!!!!!

https://instafreebie.com/free/3Y3I6 Thieves and Wizards

thief steals the assassin’s dagger

https://instafreebie.com/free/3WZ1v Fabled

win the tournament and become a hunter

https://instafreebie.com/free/O0vE1 Three Book Sampler

three stories of steampunk

https://www.instafreebie.com/free/3lcEm Super Starella

I can’t change the blurb to something shorter because it sounds fucking AWESOME…  so I’ll just copy/paste…  Feisty supergirl, quirky flying horse, and hunky hero tackle alien killers in fun adventure and romance.  I can’t lie, I one-clicked the hell out of that.  I mean.. FEISTY, QUIRKY, and HUNKY?   All in the same sentence?  Not to mention Fun, Adventure, and Romance?  Might as well have a giant neon sign that says “GRACE…THIS BOOK WAS WRITTEN FOR YOU!”  I love all that stuff.

https://www.instafreebie.com/free/7EMpg The General’s legacy

prince inherits a kingdom

https://www.instafreebie.com/free/WtdE1 Edgehill

woman must save world from evil kingdom

https://www.instafreebie.com/free/kSkDW Beast of London

adventure romance mystery with paranormal twist!

https://instafreebie.com/free/jmUEE Persistence of Vision

world where the population has a collective mind and people are hunted

https://www.instafreebie.com/free/tiFed Awakened

girl with supernatural abilities discovers her past

https://instafreebie.com/free/Uwzfd reading the dead

LA cop who sees ghosts partners with a teen poltergeist.  This does sound good, but it doesn’t have zombies.


How many books has that been?  Are we halfway done?  Why have none of these stories included a zombie?  Lemme count.  We’ve covered 36 books.  That means we have… 36 left.  We’re halfway there!  We can’t give up now!  On a side note…the D E Chapman list was divided into two parts:  the second part is a STEAMY SECTION.  I’m kind of excited to get to that part, but there are only SEVEN books in there and one of them is mine!

Okay…break’s over.   Let’s get back to business!

——————End of Intermission——————–

https://www.instafreebie.com/free/z1x4W Magpie and Jynx

half shifter and her siren partner take down the yakuza trafficking ring

https://www.instafreebie.com/free/kpCbZ Crystal Spears

human hunter and a warlock

https://www.instafreebie.com/free/LxVfV Abuse of Power

follow your heart or follow the law

https://www.instafreebie.com/free/WA9OZ Beneath the Water

fairy tales exist but sometimes the creatures are monsters…

https://instafreebie.com/free/lJY0t Goddess Awakening

epic fantasy saga

https://instafreebie.com/free/sOQKr Reading the Dead Book 2

another installment in the cop/ghost teen series…still no zombies though

https://www.instafreebie.com/free/TFdwm Broken Wizards

fantasy steampunk wizard battle

https://instafreebie.com/free/YiMNe Gale’s gift

save your friend’s life and seek justice

https://www.instafreebie.com/free/0vkym When the guns were turned on us

world war 3 turns into Orwellian state

https://www.instafreebie.com/free/t0Ets Sin Eater

girl with unusual skills makes a living in today’s world

https://instafreebie.com/free/tRgRH First Changeling

kids turn into animals and must communicate with their parents

https://www.instafreebie.com/free/X8kkf Narada’s children

mystical narrative connecting ancient land with the present time

https://instafreebie.com/free/R8E7G curse Breaker

evil gateway is opened

https://www.instafreebie.com/free/NUvte  From behind the comics

stories like twilight zone-ish

https://www.instafreebie.com/free/FhbRv binding Curse

girl confronts malevolent power

https://instafreebie.com/free/MrM27 Necromancer’s apprentice

men, angels and demons

https://www.instafreebie.com/free/ppbPg Hatchling

in a game inspired world, girl fights to save the earth

https://instafreebie.com/free/6zAYl The Drogue

young adult urban fantasy

https://instafreebie.com/free/j751Z Torc of Moonlight

a jeweled sword is found

https://instafreebie.com/free/YXy1D Street Fox

boy learns heroes still exist

https://www.instafreebie.com/free/pSKIT Gloam

girl wakes up with witchcraft

https://instafreebie.com/free/XYL1X Teeth

man wakes up a vampire

https://instafreebie.com/free/Xl50S Return to Alice

alice in wonderland is all grown up and goes through the looking glass again…

https://www.instafreebie.com/free/6Znww  Tower of Ayia

soldier freedom fighter tries to find peace

https://www.instafreebie.com/free/FVkaY New Orleans Magic

vampire tries to use a death spell on a woman and her sisters

https://www.instafreebie.com/free/crOAE The Immortals

demons refuse to play by the rules

https://instafreebie.com/free/vWcoM The First Ball

what if Cinderella didn’t meet the prince at the ball?  The cover is HOT on this one!

https://www.instafreebie.com/free/iFwc3 Fairy Eyeglasses

girl finds glasses that allow her to see mystical creatures…

https://www.instafreebie.com/free/cfx75 Empowered Agent

the world is combined with heroes and villains…but what if you’re both? Strong female hero

——–Okay….now we’re at the STEAMY section…this is my favorite place……

https://instafreebie.com/free/lFQoA  Unicornia by GRACE RISATA!!!!  Woot Woot

Am I supposed to condense my book into a one sentence blurb too?  Okay.  That’s only fair, right?

Jerky guy meets unicorn alien and they breed like crazy.

The actual description listed on the website promo says, “After a rough week at work, Michael Willows goes out in search of a quick hook-up at his local bar. What he encounters there, is anything but ordinary. -This story involves foul language, graphic sexual content including a CONSENSUAL mating ritual between a male and female, a main character who’s a total jerk, humor, and a few plot twists and turns along the way.-

I think mine is the only steamy book with a foul language/graphic sexual content warning.  I wonder if that might make people shy away from it?  Or maybe it will make them want to read it more?  I’m not sure.  We’ll find out!  (Instafreebie lets you track the number of people who download your book…so time will tell if it’s a hit or a miss with the sci fi promo)

Moving right along…

https://www.instafreebie.com/free/BDeEr Diner Delight

a lonely waitress encounters a stranger and their brief encounter leads to a steamy affair.  Hell yeah!  Sign me up for THAT!  I totally one clicked the shit out of that.

https://instafreebie.com/free/z0Ybo Pregnant by the Dragon Shifter

I think the title says it all, right?

https://instafreebie.com/free/Vg5l0 Pendragon’s Obsession

sensuous king awakens a woman’s lust

https://www.instafreebie.com/free/74EB9 Rival Love

a werebear is slain and his wife runs away with the man who killed him.  Wait, what?  Okay.  I hope the werebear was a jackass, otherwise the lady should NOT be running away with the man who killed her husband.  Fuck.  I’m probably not supposed to offer my opinion because I haven’t read the book.

https://www.instafreebie.com/free/KZh5G the Awakening

girl hilariously discovers the mixed breed guardians that police the universe.

https://www.instafreebie.com/free/WxHXJ Life Renovated

girl meets hunky handyman.  I’m not sure how that’s sci fi?  Guess you have to download it and find out?

—————————–The End——————

Wow…my hand is super tired from copying and pasting.  Did you all have fun?  I, for one, am very excited to check out the books I one-clicked.

Thank you for joining me on our trip through free-book-land.

Til we meet again… probably sometime next week… I’m going to a family reunion next weekend that might lead to some interesting stories of drama and adventure.  Finger’s crossed!

As always, thank you for reading and have a wonderful evening!!!!





Authors are readers too…

            Hello, everyone!  Today’s blog post covers a few books I’ve recently read…

It’s pretty much impossible to be an author without being a reader, too.  I love to see what new genres and interesting plotlines my fellow authors are coming up with.  The indie author community is full of talented and hardworking artists that slave away over the keyboard to bring you tales of romance, wit, wisdom, and fantasy.

I’ve been extremely lucky enough to get two ARCs (Advanced Reader Copies) of books that I’ve enjoyed so much I’d like to share them with you.  Both books are currently available on Amazon.  Please keep in mind that while I received both books for FREE from the authors, I also went out and bought them when I was done reading them and they became available for purchase.  Amazon can be a bit difficult sometimes, and unverified purchase reviews have a habit of being pulled.  In order to try and avoid that scenario, I find it’s easier to buy the book and look legit.

Please also keep in mind that I would NEVER write a blog post reviewing a book that I haven’t read.  You’ve probably become accustomed to me sharing a monthly blog post as part of the Book Boast Newsletter Swap program where I feature author’s books in my newsletter and, in turn, they feature my books in their newsletter.  This is just my way of saying, “Hey…check out these books that you otherwise might not have heard of.”   However, in this case today, I’ve read and thoroughly enjoyed both these books.

Why am bothering to explain all this ad nauseum?   Because I want you to understand that I’m an extremely picky bitch when it comes to books and I would NEVER pretend to like something and say, “this was awesome!” if I really didn’t enjoy the story.

I’ve found that my patience for certain books has greatly diminished since I’ve become a writer.  My writer brain notices a lot more grammar and punctuation issues.   There was one erotic book that I attempted to read last week and couldn’t even enjoy the sex scenes because there were NOT enough commas in the sentences.  I’m a bit paranoid about commas for some reason.

Anyway…back to my original purpose for this blog post… I read two very good books and I’d like to share my reviews with you today.

Book One: 

The Best is Yet to Come by J E Benoit….  $2.99 on Amazon, Free on Kindle Unlimited.

Blurb:   Adaline Reynolds has very little time or desire to worry over her non-existent love life, regardless of what her best friend thinks. Perky Jo’s, the café she inherited from her beloved aunt, has demanded all her time and energy since returning to Little Creek. But that all changes the day a damaged photograph mysteriously shows up at her feet.

When she’s suddenly swept away to find the man in the photo waiting to show her some fun, Adaline’s convinced that she’s finally lost her mind. With no logical explanation for these meetings, she soon finds herself giving in to this charming stranger and feeling more and more like her old, happier self.

As she draws closer to the truth about the man in the photo, will she find who she’s been looking for? Or will she discover that the best is yet to come?

*** The Best is Yet to Come is a STANDALONE contemporary romance with a twist. Due to mild language and sexual situations, this book is intended for readers 17 & up ***


This is the debut book from J E Benoit.  With a debut author, there’s always a thrill of, “Is this going to be awesome or total crap?”  Let me tell you, it was awesome.  No grammar or punctuation issues in the entire book.  The plot was very original and had a small supernatural aspect.  Now please let me explain this…there are NO vampires or werewolves or ghosts or shifters.  It is a SMALL supernatural aspect of …hmm…I want to tell you but I don’t want to give spoilers.  Let’s just say there was a bit of an influence from the great beyond.  The main character, Adaline is very relatable.  The entire story is told in her Point of View, except for the epilogue.  Adaline’s love interest is very real in the way that he could be anyone off the street that you or I come into contact with.  He’s not your typical alpha male jackass.  What did I like about the book?  It was a very unique idea that was ORIGINAL.  I’m all about finding something NEW that hasn’t been done a million times before.  I liked the suspense aspect of the book and I couldn’t wait to find out what would happen next.  I was pleased to see the characters using PROTECTION when they had sex.  I can honestly say it’s a giant pet peeve of mine when the characters don’t use a condom.  The instant I read a sex scene with no mention of birth control, I inwardly cringe and pretty much predict that there will be an accident in the next few chapters and the main lady will wind up pregnant.  When I read books that I intend on reviewing, I always take notes so I can write a good review.  My notes for this book literally say, “YAY!  SAFE SEX!”  This book was more about “all the feelings” and only had a few sex scenes.

There was also an unexpected twist in chapter 32 that had me tearing up.  Normally books do NOT make me cry, because I’m not a mushy person.  But when something does hit me, it hits me hard.  Obviously I’m not going to say what happens in chapter 32, but it was something I didn’t see coming at all.

While the story didn’t have very much in the way of humor (I’m a sucker for comedy…you know this if you’ve read any of my books), I enjoyed it anyway.  It was a very good, well thought out story.  This was a stand-alone novel and I felt like everything was wrapped up and the epilogue really pulled things together.  Highly recommended!  I can’t wait to see what the author writes next!

Book Two:

Unbent by Wysteria Wilde… $3.99 on Amazon

 Warning: For Mature Adult Audiences 18+.

BLURB: In book three the final installment of What Was Everything: Four years had passed since Annabel LaFrance last saw Nick Bignanni. Four long years of trying to get over him and moving on with her life – the same life he had saved – but the same life he had destroyed, too. She’d been certain that he was The One, and he’d told her he loved her and felt the same way. But he’d been lying to her from the beginning – about everything. He ended up leaving her, and then the unthinkable happened, and he’d been sent away, ultimately choosing to cut off all contact with her. He’d simply shut her out of his life completely. For four long years.

Now, he was back—watching her, waiting for her, wanting to apologize and tell her the truth about everything, promising that he had changed and asked for another chance. She knew trusting him again would not be easy, and there were more disturbing revelations and some additional mountainous obstacles to be overcome if their relationship was ever going to work. And the Universe always seemed to be working against them.

Ultimately, Annabel has to decide if she’s willing to risk giving Nick another chance, which would also mean giving him the power to destroy her once again. She wants nothing more than to put their past away and focus on a future with him. But sometimes that’s easier said than done, especially when they would be facing another uphill battle.

And sometimes, it’s just too late for true love…


This book is the THIRD and final installment in the “What was everything” series.  If you haven’t read the first book, you will probably not fully appreciate the third one because you won’t really be invested in the characters.  Full disclosure…I read the first book, BENT, in February, but I never read the second book in the series because I think it accidentally got deleted from my kindle.  I’m not good with technology.  Let me also say that I read BENT in February, but the characters stuck with me so much that I needed no refresher in preparation for this third book.  Blah Blah Blah…now let’s get to the good part.

Much like J E Benoit, Wysteria Wilde’s books are extremely well written with no grammar or punctuation issues.  This book had altering viewpoints, with different chapters told by different characters.  I really felt like this helped the book flow smoothly from one plot point to the next.  Basically the story is the conclusion of the epic love saga between Nick and Annabel.  But it doesn’t really end there.  Yes, Ms. Wilde does an amazing job of ending their story and the reader really gets the melancholy feel of, “oh no, this is the last I’ll read of these characters!” but I got totally hooked on the supporting characters.  Brooks, Annabel’s gay BFF, really stole the show with his humor and down-to-earth attitude.

In case you were unaware, I’m very much a “root for the hero” kind of girl.  But in this story, I found myself literally falling in love with one of the villains.  I can’t give away his name because I’m all about avoiding the spoilers.  But you’ll know who he is as soon as his character comes into play…because he’s a giant sex-a-holic.  I found myself looking forward to the chapters with his point of view, enjoying his thoughts (and they were STEAMY!), and being a bit disappointed when his time as the narrator was over.  Yes, I wanted MORE of the villain!  That’s how well he was written.

Being an erotic author, I’m ashamed to admit this, but sometimes I skim over sex scenes because they can get to a point where they all sound the name.  Not with my villain boyfriend in this story.  I wanted MORE of him.  If that makes me creepy, so be it!

I also have to mention the suspense aspect of this book.  There were several unanswered plot points in the beginning of the story in order to drawn the reader in and make them question, “Oh… what did the character mean when they said said?  Will it be explained later?”  Normally, I get bored easily and find myself skimming to find the answers to the unanswered questions.  I wanted to skim ahead SO BAD, but I couldn’t in this story.  Why?  Because there was NOTHING boring in it and I couldn’t skim ahead!  I thought, “I’ll skip this part…” but then I got sucked in.  “Okay, I’ll skip the next part…” but it was narrated by my favorite villain hottie so I had to read it.  By the time the story ended, I hadn’t skimmed a damn thing!

I honestly didn’t expect to fall for the characters as hard as I did.  I felt like their story wrapped up nicely and all my questions finally got answers.

Both of these stories were FIVE STAR READS in my opinion.

Thank you for reading my reviews today and please be on the lookout for my blog post next week around July 1st.  Why?  What’s coming next?  I’m taking part in a Science fiction/fantasy book promotion where all the authors involved are giving away FREE stories.  Yes, you read that correctly.  FREE!!!!!!   I have no idea what the other books are because I haven’t got all the details yet.  I promise to make it interesting and not just copy/paste links and blurbs.  What does that mean?  How am I making it interesting?  I have no idea yet, I have a week to figure it out!

Til then, thanks for joining me this week and have a great day!


Happy Anniversary to Me!

            No, this blog post has nothing to do with any authoring/bookish anniversary.  I’m talking about my 17th Wedding Anniversary.  So please prepare yourself for a mushy, gushing post about the immense love I have for my amazing husband.

            Just kidding.  I’m many things, but sappy really isn’t one of them.  That doesn’t mean I’m not going to pay tribute to the man I married seventeen years ago…it just means I’m doing it “Grace Style.”  (Funny and brutally honest).

Hence forth, my husband shall be referred to as RLR.  No, these are not his initials.  My first book is “My Dirty Detour” and the character of Violet is based off of me, while the character of Rocky is based off my husband.  Therefore, RLR stands for Real Life Rocky.  Yes, I suppose it was a bit narcissistic to base a character off myself, but I believe in the old adage, “Write what you know.”  Who do I know better than myself?  It’s simple logic, people.

Anyway…back to the topic.  Love and marriage.  This blog post will cover all the wonderful things I love about RLR.

—  After seventeen years, he’s realized that flowers are a waste of money and he gets more points if he brings home a donut.  Let me explain.  1) You can’t eat flowers, but you CAN appreciate the fine nuances of a crème filled chocolate long john.  2) It proves he’s LISTENING to me.  A few weeks ago it suddenly came to my attention that we hadn’t had any donuts in a while.  I casually remarked on this awful turn of events.

Me:  “We haven’t had any donuts in a while.”

Him:  “Yeah, we haven’t.”

Yes, he’s a man of few words.  Yes, we both like donuts.

So do you know what happened?  Not more than two days later, he brought home donuts.  If that’s not love, I don’t know what is.

— He leaves me love notes.  While you may picture him sitting at a roll top desk with a quill fountain pen, pouring over just the right words to profess his love on paper…that’s not the type of letter I’m referring to.  Although I do applaud you for thinking such inspiring romantic notions.  He actually went fishing last week and he wasn’t home when I got back from work.  So he left a note.

“Gone fishin’      Be Back Later        Love ya    RLR”

Yes, you read that correctly.  He signed the note with RLR.  That is a HUGE deal.  It proves that he actually LISTENS when I talk about all the crazy shit I’m writing, and he paid attention long enough to know that he has a nickname.  Swoon!  Yes, I saved the note because I’m sentimental like that.

— He worries about my well-being.  Whenever we go anywhere and it just happens to be raining outside, he’ll ask if should drop me off at the door so I don’t get wet.  That is so sweet!  Never once in the past seventeen years have I taken him up on this offer.  Why?  Water won’t make me melt because I’m not the bad witch in the Wizard of Oz.

— He warns me of danger.  I tend to be a little klutzy and NOT street smart at all.  I’ve lived a sheltered life and would probably die within fifteen minutes of any real apocalypse scenario.  My husband KNOWS this.  We were driving home from the grocery store last week and I spotted a giant turtle walking down the sidewalk.  I shit you not, folks, this turtle was the size of a manhole cover!  Just walking down the sidewalk as if it had somewhere important to be.  I screamed, “STOP THE CAR, PULL OVER, TURTLE!” at the top of my lungs.  Let me also mention that I do not live in Florida, so I should not be seeing giant turtles walking down the sidewalk on a random Sunday morning like it’s an everyday occurrence.  Let me also explain that I love animals of any variety and I want to rescue each and every one of them, whether they need my help or not.  So RLR glances out the car window and thus began our exchange:

Him:  “That’s a snapping turtle.  If you try and touch it, you’ll get your finger bitten off.”

Me:  “But we have to SAVE it!  Go get it.”

Him:  “And do WHAT with it?”

Me:  “We’ll take it to a creek or a pond or somewhere safe.”

He says nothing in reply.

Me:  “So…go get it….we have to save it!”

Him:  “But where are you going to put it?”

Me:  “We’ll take it to a creek or a pond or somewhere safe.”

He says nothing in reply.

Me:  “GO GET IT!”

Him:  “But where are you going to put it?”

By now this is turning into some Three Stooges/ Laurel and Hardy  “who’s on first” skit and I’m losing my patience.  He ended up NOT getting the turtle and driving away.  I went home, googled it, and realized that you’re not supposed to remove turtles from their environment, just let them be.  So…I didn’t get my finger bit off, he’s quiet stubborn, and I appear to have forgot what caused me to tell this story in the first place.

—  He’s full of surprises.  For one of our anniversaries, he took me to a nice restaurant.  I must have been using the ladies’ room when the waitress came to take our salad order.  Upon my return, I found a lovely salad with Thousand Island dressing sitting at the table.  Here is the exact transcript of the conversation that followed:

Me:  “What is this?”

Him:  “Salad.  Why?  What’s wrong with it?”

Me:  “This is Thousand Island dressing.”

Him:  “Yeah, cuz that’s what you like.”

Me:  “Are you kidding me?  This is our TWELVE YEAR WEDDING ANNIVERSARY!  You don’t know what salad dressing I like after TWELVE YEARS?  Are you even paying attention at all?”

He laughed.

Just for the record, I used to eat Ranch Dressing before I got married.  My husband likes French.  In order to save money on salad dressing (and to prevent it from expiring due to non-use) I switched over to French and it’s fine.  Yes, you understood that correctly.  I eat the same damn salad dressing as he does, yet he still didn’t know what to order me.

But it’s not all unicorns and sunshine.  Marriage is a lot of work.  In case you want a negative example, I shall be happy to oblige.

—  He won’t let me drink out of his beverage after seventeen years of marriage without throwing a major hissy fit.  If he gets a soda of any variety, he insists I get my own straw.  It’s pretty much a rarity that he’ll even agree to share one in the first place.  Evidently he’s under the false impression that I ‘backwash’ into the bottle.  I believe his exact argument is something to the effect of, “You wrap your whole mouth around the top of the bottle and half your food goes back into the soda.”  Clearly he’s delusional.


So in conclusion…HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to my beloved husband and thank you for putting up with me for so long!

Thanks for reading and have a great day!


P.S.   In case you were wondering if he’ll ever read this blog post….the chances are somewhere around 10% at best.  He’s also never read one single page of one single book I wrote.  I show him the covers and offer to let him read them.  His response?

“Is it all words or are there pictures?  I’m not big on words.”


“I don’t need to read it, baby.  I’m RLR.  I LIVED IT!”

Hunting for Treasure…

            Hello, everyone!  It’s me again.  This blog post actually has TWO purposes.  The first part is to tell you an amusing story and, not gonna lie, the second half is going to be sort of spammy and tell you about books you could buy if you have the urge to buy a book.  I feel guilty pimping out books (even though one of them is my own!), so that’s why I’m giving you an amusing story FIRST.  It takes the pressure off and alleviates my guilty soul.  Ready?  Here we go!

Blog Post Part One: Amusing story:

So last Saturday we had a one day rummage sale.  I was debating whether or not it was a wise idea to have a garage sale over Memorial Day Weekend, but we ended up with a lot of customers and made some decent money.  Rummage sales are always a shit ton of work just to make a few bucks.  However, the crap in my house was piling up (we go to estate sales and buy stuff thinking we’re going to sell it on Ebay and make a fortune.  The stuff doesn’t sell, or sells for two dollars and we lose money after shipping, and then it starts to take over the house).

I spent SIX HOURS setting up the merchandise and pricing items.  Let me tell you, we had ROCK BOTTOM prices in order to sell, sell, SELL!  The universe smiled down upon us and the sun was shining that morning.  It also helped that my neighbor across the street also had a sale.  I think people are more apt to stop when they see two sales instead of one.  I actually had no idea the neighbor was having a sale.  We’re a bit anti-social and don’t talk to people unless we have to.

The sales traffic was good and the customers were amusing, as always.  One elderly gentleman bought two Hawaiian shirts for a dollar and decided to entertain us with a joke.  I have no clue what it is with old dudes and telling jokes.  I think there’s an unwritten law that if you’re a male over the age of seventy-five, you have to tell a witty joke to every single person you meet.  The joke of the day involved a woman running over a rabbit, a farmer sitting on a tractor and witnessing said bunny destruction, the woman sprayed the rabbit with a can of something, the rabbit miraculously came back to life, and the farmer went to see what was in the bottle and…….. any guesses???

I was one hundred percent sure the punch line was going to involve HAIR SPRAY, but it was HAIR RESTORER.  Get it?  Hair/Hare?  Yeah, I wasn’t impressed either.  Neither was my husband.  He’s actually the most unfriendly person you’d ever want to meet.  His usual response to people is a grunt instead of human conversation.  So it’s endlessly hilarious to watch him be a ‘salesman’ at our rummage sales.

“Yes, ma’am, that weedwacker works just like new!  Here plug it in and try it out!  Don’t like a price?  Make an offer!”

It’s like he’s a carnie at the fair trying to get rubes to his booth to throw a dart at a balloon.  Total transformation from his normal self.  I literally thought, “Who the hell ARE you?”

Along with the good, there also comes the BAD with any rummage sale.  I had an item priced at a dollar and some lady came up and told me that she’d be paying me a quarter for it.  Yeah, she TOLD me.  There was no, “Will you take any less for this?” but rather, “I’ll give you a quarter, here.”  Excuse me, ma’am?  Since when do you make the rules at my fine establishment of priceless merchandise?  I’m almost ashamed to admit this (almost, but not entirely), I refused her offer.  “No, I’ll take fifty cents,” I replied.  Yes, I’m an asshole.  I couldn’t help it.  I was nice ALL day and the façade just cracked.

What happened?  Are you on the edge of your seat?  She paid the fifty cents and walked away.  No confrontation.  Sorry to build that up for a giant let down, but my life isn’t that exciting.  That’s why I write books!

Speaking of books…. (ooh….so proud of myself for that seamless transition to our next topic….)

BLOG POST PART 2…shameless book spamming!

Here are some books that might interest you.  You are under no obligation to buy them.  You are under no obligation to click on them.  You are under no obligation for ANYTHING.  I’m just throwing them out there for your viewing pleasure.

Book #1….  “Unexpected Treasure.”  Yeah, this is MY book.  Okay…HALF my book.  I wrote this story with talented Miss Aidan Willows.  We threw our insane ideas on paper and came up with quite an interesting tale.  Here’s the blurb and buy link.  It’s currently on sale for the low, low price of 99 cents.  (It just came out on May 30 and this is our way of attracting BUZZ at a low, low price.)

Blurb:  Lars is a man of mystery with one focus in life; searching for hidden treasures. If his latest risky expedition actually pays off, he’d be wealthy beyond his wildest dreams, and might finally be on the road to real happiness.

Helena is witty, charming, and utterly fed up with her life. Her whole future has been carefully mapped out, yet all she wants is to escape her controlled existence and live life to the fullest with no one dictating her every move.

A chance encounter of these two lost souls leads them on an adventure neither could have predicted. Accompanied by a rag tag group of treasure hunters, will Lars and Helena find what they’re looking for?

Or will they finally realize that the most important treasure of all has been hiding in plain sight?

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Please note, both authors are lunatics who don’t do “normal”. If you are expecting historically accurate facts or a romance that isn’t bat-sh*t crazy, this may not be the book for you. For mature/ immature readers aged 18+ only.
This book contains explicit sexual content (as one author is trying to live out her lesbian fantasies vicariously through her characters), and also contains unrealistic portrayals of treasure hunting (as the other author thinks she’s a history nerd… but really isn’t).


Lars Cover

Book #2….   Fires of Revenge by Laura Fletcher…  FREE!!!!  (I have not read this but the blurb sounds good and what’s cheaper than free??)

Blurb:  Mary, young and all alone has been living in poverty trying to make ends meet to look after her dying mother. Although she finds it impossible to put out a burning fire of revenge. After the passing of her mother, Mary must exact revenge on those who have wronged her and her mother.

She enlists the help of two unlikely sidekicks, Anna, her best friend and Elliot a poor, rough kid from the streets. Together, they join up to seek an adventure of life changing experiences. Where will they up together?  Don’t miss out on this historical romance fueled by the heated emotion of revenge and justice.



Book #3….  Good Grief by Vera Ella Unita ($2.99 New Release)  (Please note….I DID read this and it was a very good story.  There was a dog on the cover and that hooked me right away.  This is a great read with ‘all the feels’ and a heartfelt ending.  Yes, I did get just a tiny bit teary reading the epilogue.  That usually doesn’t happen with me.)

Jasmine Frost had imagined the first day at her new job quite differently. How on earth could she have known the arrogant billionaire Cole Ward would insist on her leading the renovations of his mansion?
To oversee the renovations, Jasmine moves in with Cole. Turns out, the mansion needs more than a little makeover, and she is stuck with that growly bear of a man for weeks. He doesn’t even like her French bulldog—who the hell doesn’t like puppies?
Still, they can’t withstand the strong attraction between them. The dark look in his eyes is intriguing and Jasmine can’t keep herself from digging into his past. But what if she doesn’t like what she finds?

Standalone Romance │ No cheating but bad language, explicit scenes, and a happily ever after.



Book #4…… Icarus Rising by Robb Manary  (99 cents)  (I haven’t read this, but it sounds juicy.  For anyone who loves rockstar romances….why not?)

How does a Billionaire woo the Rock Star Goddess who has Everything?


Brandon Fahr, international playboy and world-renowned artist, has set his sights on a new conquest. A conquest so bold that he’s decided to chronicle it in a diary. Further, he’s given himself a deadline — thirty days to capture the heart of Rachel St. Claire.

Rachel St. Claire, a Rock Goddess, has been at the top of the charts for years and has finally let go of her tumultuous relationship with her controlling manager/boyfriend. Now that he’s gone, it’s the perfect time for Brandon to strike.

Rachel feels the heat as soon as she meets Brandon, but what if she finds his diary and learns that it was just a game to him, a conquest? And what if Brandon finds that he might actually be falling in love… for the very first time?

This is a rock star erotic romance written by a man with a male point of view. It is a standalone with an HEA!


Book #5….. Alix (Coven’s Grove Chronicles Book 1) by Virginia Howerter  FREE on Instafreebie!  I didn’t read this, but it’s FREE and the cover is beautiful and it’s about witches!  I should probably read it.  I like free and I like witches!)


Building friendships isn’t easy…building a coven is even harder. Join Alix in a race for survival and her discovery that love and magic aren’t that far apart.


Book #6…. Lovin My boss by Miss Brandy K  (FREE!)  This is free…and I haven’t downloaded it…but I really should because it sounds HOT as HELL!


I want you to get on your knees.

“I’m not sucking it,” I say. Defiant.

“I didn’t ask you to. I’m satisfied with this, for now. On your knees. Between my legs, like that.”

I get down, between his knees. His hand strokes the big c*ck in front of me, so close that I can almost taste it. I don’t realize that I’m staring until I hear his voice above me.

“See something you like?”

What if you told your friend that you’d love to get your hands on your boss’s meat?

Now what if you sent the text to the wrong number? The most wrong number you could possibly send it to?

And what if he told you to come into his office?

This hot novel is all about power plays, sexy billionaires, marriage contracts, and babies. There are NO CLIFFHANGERS and a guaranteed HAPPILY EVER AFTER!

What would you do?



That is all we have for today, ladies and gentlemen.  As always, thanks for reading and have a GREAT day!!!!