Have I got a story for you…

Hello everyone!  I hope this newsletter/email finds you smack dab in the middle of summer and enjoying every second of it.  The weather has just started to turn warm and my cucumber plants look like they’re not going to yield a damn thing, but I digress.  The topic of today’s post involves a majorly exciting announcement.

Relax… no one is retiring, no one is pregnant, and no one bought a winning lottery ticket.

Okay, let me rephrase that.  It’s a mildly exciting announcement.

I wracked my brain trying to come up with a cool story for this newsletter… to be followed up by the big reveal of my exciting news.  But I can’t come up with a single thought-provoking topic for a blog post.  I guess my life has been boring lately?

We’re not taking a vacation this year, I haven’t failed spectacularly on any new recipes, haven’t done anything klutzy requiring medical attention, and haven’t accidentally stumbled upon the Ark of the Covenant or any other phenomenal archeological find.

Basically, all the excitement in my life comes from the imaginary characters floating around in my brain.  Speaking of my literary creations…drum roll for the big announcement…

A book that I wrote, one of my top favorites actually, is FREE ON AMAZON from Tuesday, June 25 through Saturday, June 29


‘Mowed: An Erotic BBW Comedy Romance’ is absolutely FREE on Amazon from June 25-29.  You just go to Amazon’s website, one-click to your heart’s content, download that baby on your kindle, and get to reading!


Why should you go to that link and click my book?  Good question!

1) It’s absolutely free, so if it sucks then you’re not out any hard earned cash.

2) It’s the best-selling, highest ranked, most popular, most reviewed book out of all my stories.

3) It has over eight sex scenes including ones that involve, Barbecue Sauce, Pirates, Handcuffs, and Ice Cubes.

4) It has character backstory, humor, heart-warming moments, a realistic heroine, a dominant alpha male, a happy ending, and no cliffhanger.

5) It is a full length, stand alone story.

6) I’m asking nicely for you to one-click.  Even if you got a free ARC of the book back when it first came out, even if you read it with Kindle Unlimited, click it anyway.

Why am I giving stuff away for free if I can sell it for good money?  Another great question.

1) I think there are a lot of subscribers to my newsletter/blog that haven’t had the opportunity to read any of my books.  Now you can… for free!

2) I did a free promotion with ‘Ungranted Wishes’ last year and it led to the best sales month I ever had.  I’m going for a repeat experience!

3) I get super-duper excited to check the Amazon reports and see the number skyrocket when I give books away, even if they’re free.

How can you help spread the word about this amazing opportunity?

1) Share this newsletter with your friends, your neighbors, your friends’ neighbors, and your neighbors’ friends.

2) Post the link on Goodreads, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pornhub, MySpace, Tinder, or where ever you like to hang out on social media.

What if you want other books that aren’t just my freebie?

I’m doing newsletter swaps with other authors, and in return they share my story with their readers.  Be sure to check out their books…

The Golden Key Chronicles: A Time Travel Romance by A.J. Nuest…only 99 cents on Amazon…


The key would unlock his future and the safety of his kingdom, but he never imagined the sorceress would unlock his heart…
When antiques restorer, Rowena Lindstrom, purchases an armoire containing a hidden key and a “magic” mirror, she believes the handsome warrior prince on the other side has to be some sort of joke. But she can’t deny they seem connected by more than just the key and, as her love for Prince Caedmon grows, she agrees to join him in his realm. Prophecy intervenes in a way neither of them could have ever expected. Lost and alone in the Austiere Kingdom, Rowena struggles to find her place, and though she fights the heated advances of the dangerous Prince Caedmon, the attraction between them brings challenges much deeper than her troubled heart can recall.


Gamechanger: A Romantic Suspense Novel by C. J. Laurence… Free with Kindle Unlimited or $4.99 to buy on Amazon….


I had to run. I had to escape in order to survive. Not to save myself, but to protect the life growing inside me. But the devil who ripped away the last six years of my life won’t let me go that easily. I belong to him. Took a vow before God to obey him…my husband. Now I’m on the run, hiding in the shadows in fear that he’ll find me. But an unlikely hero finds me first, saving my life in the process.  When my savior offers me protection against the man determined to drag me back to hell, I need to decide if I can trust him enough to put my life, and the life of my unborn child in his hands.
Unfortunately, with a haunted past like mine, trust isn’t something I know how to do…


That’s all I have for today.  I’ll try to live dangerously and have some wild adventures to entertain you with.  Until then… enjoy your summer, don’t get bitten by mosquitoes, and download my freebie!


P.S. Next month’s newsletter will be a Q & A with Grace…. But they won’t be questions that I ask myself…this time it’s YOUR turn.  Do you have any questions for me?  They can cover any topic you can possibly imagine.  Be creative, people.  I’ll do my best to answer.  Simply hit ‘reply’ to this email and let your questions fly away to my inbox.  I’m waiting….