Big News!

Ok, when I say “Big News,” I don’t mean anything really exciting such as “Aliens have just landed” or “The Zombie Apocalypse has begun.”  So I should actually say something more along the lines of “Small-ish News.”

What am I going on about now?  I’ve spent HOURS and HOURS playing “graphic designer” and I would like to share the fruits of my labor:

My Dirty Vacation Amazon Cover

Oh, yes, ladies and gentlemen…that is the new cover I just created for my current work-in-progress!  It’s a full-length follow-up to my very first book, My Dirty Detour.  You’re seeing it here for the first time EVER.  I can honestly say that I don’t believe in doing an all out media blitz cover reveal.  Why not?  Because I don’t feel like it really builds much in the way of buzz. I feel like we live in an “I NEED IT RIGHT NOW AND I WON’T WAIT” society.  So what’s the point of releasing a cover and then telling someone they can’t buy the book for another month?  It just pisses them off.  That’s why I don’t go nuts on Facebook asking blogs to reveal my cover.  There are plenty of books already on the market that you can buy, so why draw attention to my book that’s not even out yet?

Did you just ask, “Then why are you doing this blog post in the first place?  You’re very inconsistent, ma’am.”

Excellent Question.  Thank you for asking.  The reason for this blog post is to show off my very basic book cover making skills…AND (of course there’s more!)…to offer you an opportunity to get an ADVANCED READER COPY (ARC) of this book.

Ooh!  Did that catch your attention?  I certainly hope so.  While making covers is a necessary evil that I tolerate, I absolutely LOVE to create ARC sign up forms.  It’s a wonderful opportunity to let my craziness reign supreme and come up with wacked out questions.

Without further ado….

No, this is not anything freaky that will take you to a porn-laden den of iniquity.  It’s a google form.  Completely harmless.  I promise.

So please feel free to fill out my ARC form and know that I look forward to your responses.

I have every intention of releasing “My Dirty Vacation” in May.  Well…unless that alien landing or the zombie apocalypse thing actually comes true.  Then I shall have to postpone the book launch to run for my life or take up arms and fight for our freedom.

Until next time…have a great day and thanks for reading!



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