Free Books…and that’s not an April Fool!

Hello everyone!  You read that correctly…this is NOT an April Fool’s Day prank!  I am doing my first Newsletter Swap from!  That just means that I went on the newsletter swap website and signed up for a bunch of newsletters to feature my book and a few authors signed up to be in my newsletter.  (In case you were wondering how that worked for me… it honestly sucked.  I signed up to be in about 30 newsletters…um…40?  Not sure, because I didn’t count.  Anyway, 50% of the people ignored my requests and the other 48% rejected my requests.  I think TWO people kindly accepted me.  A lot of people on that website have thousands of subscribers to their newsletters, or at least they claim to.  I have roughly somewhere around 35 subscribers to mine.  That’s not counting myself.  Obviously I subscribe to my own newsletter.  I mean…I like to find out what’s new in my life.  But I digress.  I’m just telling myself that people didn’t want me in their newsletter because I had nothing to offer in return since I have a low subscriber count and not because I stink.)

What does that mean for you?  It means that I would like to share links to some FREE or cheap books.  So please read on and check them out.  In order to keep things interesting, I’ve included my own special commentary on these books.  Because if we can’t keep life interesting, what’s the point?  You didn’t really expect me to go all spammy “Hey get these books” on you without adding a little bit of entertainment value, did you?  That’s not how I roll.  Read on…

PLEASE NOTE:  Some of the links say “book boast . com.”  That is not a weird alien spam porn website, in case you’re paranoid like I am.  “newsletter swap . com” recently changed their name to “book boast . com” and in order to be able to track the clicks in the promotions (to see if they were successful?) you have to use those special links.  Whatever.  So if you see a link that is NOT a book boast link, chances are it’s NOT from the newsletter swap and just a random book that’s free.

PLEASE NOTE #2:  CHECK THE PRICES BEFORE YOU ONE CLICK!  I accidentally downloaded a book once that I thought was free and it wasn’t … so be warned!

Without further ado…..

Book #1  Loving Ashe by Liz Durano  (FREE until 4/2)

Tagline: On the way to meet her ex, barista Riley Eames gets stuck in the elevator with Hollywood actor, Ashe Hunter. Could life be sending her a message – and another chance at love?

Commentary:  This looked good so I one-clicked it.  She pretty much had me at “trapped in an elevator.”  I like elevator romance.  For reals.

*          *          *          *          *

Book # 1.5   My Dirty Crown by Grace Risata  (ABSOLUTELY FREE from 4/1 to 4/3)

Yes, this is my short story (76 pages!) and yes, it’s free for three days.  GO GET IT.  Please?

*          *          *          *          *          *

Book #2  Blazing Hotter by Chantel Rhondreau (Free through 4/1)

Blurb:  Former bad boy and firefighter Frankie Hernandez struggles to recover from debilitating injuries sustained during his last fire. Physical therapist Cassie Flick is at her wit’s end with the handsome hunk, conspiring with his friends to get Frankie’s life back despite his intense pain. Those plans get derailed when she receives a delivery from an unknown source. Roses are sweet, but a note inside them threatening Cassie isn’t.

Commentary:  Firefighters are sexy and I have a thing for guys named “Frankie.”  Also for reals.  It’s like a hot mafia name.

*           *           *           *           *           *

Book 2.75        Falling Completely by Aidan Willows   (This is $2.99 but one of my TOP five books of 2016)

Commentary: Aidan’s first book came out exactly two days before my first book and got rave reviews.  So I had to buy it to see what the fuss was.  OMG, it was EPIC.  Why?  Why am I fangirling so hard?  Because it was laugh out loud funny and even made me shed a tear.  It takes a lot to melt my cold heart, but she had me at the first chapter.  Highly recommended!

*           *           *           *           *           *

Book #3  Brainstorm by Matthew Drzymala  (This is a dollar…it is NOT free…but it’s only a buck)

Blurb: Clinical psychologist Michael Eriksson makes a living from helping others, but after a series of events he is left fighting to pick up the pieces of his own shattered psyche.
When he is called to an attempted suicide on a stormy summer’s night, Michael has the chance to save a life, but will it be his own?

Commentary:  The cover on this book is very ominous and the blurb totally caught my eye.  Also, this author seems to be a really nice guy who commented on my post on KUForum so I told him I’d put him in my newsletter.

*           *           *           *           *

Book # 3.75     Forever Love by Jade Whitfield  (This is 99 cents and worth every penny!)

Commentary:  This is a stepbrother romance by the Amazing Jade Whitfield.  I’m a very picky reader and she hooked me from page one!  The heroine actually stands up for herself and the hero is totally swoonworthy.  I honestly adored this book.

*           *           *           *           *           *           *

Book # 3.95    Daddy’s Here by Luci Wild  ($2.99)

Blurb:  Isabel… My father thinks I’m going to marry the wimp he’s chosen. I’ve got news for him. I am out of here.  Jake… When the girl vanished, I was hired to bring her back. It was just another job. Until I found out the real reason why she ran. The rebellious daughter… The plan was simple. Stay out of sight and out of reach. Then he found me. Now I’m trapped with a brute who refuses to let me out of his sight. The hired muscle… If I don’t take her home, I’m a dead man. So why did I just grab her? And why am I pushing her down onto her knees?  A standalone dark romance novel with no cliffhangers, no cheating and a guaranteed HEA.

Commentary:  The blurb sounds very sexy and the cover is quite panty melting!

*           *           *           *           *           *

Book #4  Stepbrother Wicked by Amy Faye  FREE on Instafreebie

Commentary:  I have a thing for Stepbrother Romances and this cover looks HOT!  And it’s free!

*           *           *           *           *

Book #5           The Queens Training by Noelle Riches  ($2.99)

Betrothed to the King of Oran, Soriana must undergo a year of training to learn all that’s expected of her before the wedding, but when the king’s second in command, an unreachable man marred by scars, takes over her training, she’s finally rocked by the passion necessary to fulfill her new role as queen.

Commentary:  This looks pretty good.

*           *           *           *           *

Book #6           Caught Between Dragons  by Meg Riply  FREE on Instafreebie

Commentary:  Wow.  Two dudes who are dragon shifters= Dragon shifter menage!  Steamy!

*           *           *           *           *

Book #7   Secret Revenge by Robin Edwards  ($2.99)

Blurb:  “Careless, aren’t you?”  She was the most exasperating woman he had ever met. She was also a beautiful, pain in the ass. Unfortunately, she was his new partner.  Field Agent Jack West had been on his own since he had joined the CIA ten years ago and had preferred it that way. However, when the reckless trainee, Mel Antonov had joined the team, she had gotten under his skin.  How will he ever get manage to hold on to his sanity in more ways than one, with her as his partner?

Commentary:  The guy on the cover has really ripped abs and this sounds full of intrigue!

*           *           *           *           *

Book #8  Alien Enemy Boxed Set by Ashley Hunt  (FREE on the author’s website)

Blurb:  Candice: a young woman, quite curvy and beautiful who came back to be presented to her parent’s deathat Sun Valley. She decides to stay there and start a new life. A new and quite peaceful life without problems. Some plans are not meant to be followed… A carnival arrived at the town but it is not what it seems… The name of it? ‘The Carnival of Cursed Souls’ Luke: a ridiculously handsome wrestler who has got something hidden. Both of them are interested in each another but nothing is as simple as they thought.

Commentary:  I like carnivals and carnies are freaking HOT!



In conclusion….thank you very much for reading my first (and probably last) blog post involving books from newsletter swap. com.  Enjoy any books you may have clicked and have a great day!





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