Testing, Testing, 1-2-3

Okay.  So you’re all sick of my spammy “Buy my new genie book” posts.  I am too.  That’s why today’s post is not about books at all.  I’m doing a product review of one of my Christmas presents.

If you have shiny, straight hair, odds are you might want to skip this.  Today’s review focuses on the Ceramic Hair Straightening Brush.


I have naturally curly hair that goes past my shoulders.  I wish I had stick-straight hair that went down to my butt.  However, that’s never going to happen and I have to come to terms with it.  That doesn’t keep me from desperately trying to tame my frizzy mane.

Which brings us to my worthless Christmas present.  I was 90% sure that this wouldn’t work, so I didn’t buy the really expensive fifty dollar straightener that you see at Wal-mart.  I got the ten dollar version on a Black Friday special.  However, I’m convinced they both work the same.

This is the hair that I was trying to get….


So I opened the box and read the directions, all excited for this new adventure.  I had high hopes with a dash of realism.  I expected the brush to take a long time to heat up, involve complicated directions, and not even go through my hair at all.

I have very tightly coiled curls.  Not fancy waves like a supermodel that just came from the beach.  I have Shirley Temple Ringlets that spring back up into tight coils no matter what gets done to them.  Cute on a six year old, not so much on a grown woman.

But I digress.  This is a “product test” post and not a “complain about years of bad hair” post.

So the directions were very simple: plug it in, turn it on, get straight hair.

I can handle that!  Very impressed with ease of use.

The directions said to wait 3 minutes for the hair brush to get hot.  While I am impatient, I could handle that amount of time.  To my shock and amazement, the temperature display made it to 300 degrees in about 40 seconds.

I can handle that!  Very impressed with the amount of time to heat up.

So I began to run the brush through my hair and had a pretty easy time of it.  No tangles, no rat’s nest, no screaming when the brush got stuck.  Because it didn’t get stuck.

I can handle that!  Very impressed with the combing of the brush through my hair.

If you were expecting me to say that my tresses turned into fantastic supermodel hair that was catwalk ready, I’m sorry.  This story does NOT have a happy ending.

My hair turned into fried out frizz.  Also it started to smell like it was burning.  The smell of burnt hair is not appealing in the least.

In order to give you a visual image….my results were something like this:


If you think in ANY way, shape, or form that’s an exaggeration, I assure you that it is NOT.

In conclusion…

Ceramic Straightening Brush….  Good in theory, not so much in practice.

Please stay tuned for our next product test (one of these days):  THE FIT BIT!

(ok…not a REAL Fit Bit, but the ten dollar generic version).

Have a great day and thanks for reading!