Looking back…and looking ahead…

Hello everyone!  Since today is the very last day of 2016, I figured I’d do a “year-end wrap up post” or something to that effect.  I have a rager of a cold, so if I have any typos, please chalk it up to my sickness and not my inability to form a coherent sentence.

Yes, by “cold” I mean that I sneezed a few times and I have a headache.  I’m a hypochondriac.  Anyway….moving right along…


2016 Authorly YEAR-END RECAP…Broken down into highs and lows…



–published three books on Amazon

–met an amazing amount of people in the indie author community and made some excellent new friends

–learned some new skills that I’m extremely proud of such as making a book cover, a book graphic teaser, a google ARC form, wrote some blurbs, and learned a little bit about marketing and promotion.  Ah…I also created this blog that you’re looking at now.



–got my first bad review and cried like a teenage girl who wasn’t asked to prom

–wasted about a hundred bucks buying gift copies of my book to give to reviewers because I was afraid of pirating and had no clue that I could send a mobi copy to someone’s kindle address.  And the book got pirated anyway.

Yes, you will notice that there are more highs than lows, and that the lows really aren’t that bad.  Why is that?  I’ll tell you, thank you for asking.  It’s because I’m an eternal optimist and I can honestly say that my journey into the world of writing has been amazing so far.  I’ve spent countless hours researching, marketing, and learning from people.  It has been one hell of an adventure and one I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world.

Does that make it sound like I’m leaving the book writing world?  HELL NO!  I have a lot of projects planned for 2017, actually.

First up, I plan to delight you with “UNGRANTED WISHES.”  The book is solidly halfway done by now.  It involves a genie, the woman who summons him, and the adventures that they have once he appears.  I was afraid I would have no more original steamy scenes left in my brain, but there are several unique encounters that found themselves in the story.  Trust me on that.

Also scheduled for 2017 is “My Dirty Detour: Vegas Lights,” which is book 2 in the My Dirty Detour series.  Rocky, Violet, and the gang take a little vacation to Las Vegas.  Obviously they get into a little trouble and mayhem ensues.

I have a few more ideas rolling around in my head.  You’ll just have to be surprised.

Til next time, dear reader…

Thank you for joining me in 2016 and I look forward to keep you entertained for many years to come.