The Golden Rule

            If you follow my blog or know me at all, you understand that I’m all about the humor and making people laugh.  However, this past week was one of reflection and not much else.  I’d appreciate it if you take a moment while I share what’s in my heart.


            An Open Letter to President-Elect Donald Trump:

Dear Sir-

I would like to ask you…no…I would like to BEG you to please not destroy this country.  No doubt you’ve been watching TV and seen shock, panic, and protests about the fact that someone who has never held a political office is only days away from becoming the leader of the free world.  You are being handed the keys to the kingdom.  An entire planet’s survival (and the nuke codes) is being placed in your hands.  Do not take this lightly.

Here are my requests, sir.

Please try your best to unite us instead of divide us.  There is a great income disparity where the rich get richer and the poor go hungry.  Please don’t further entitle the wealthy while turning your back on the desperate masses who voted you into power because they were eager for change and are relying on you to provide it.

Please think carefully before you speak and try to make wise decisions.  Think about how people will be affected by your actions.  Don’t take away health care for millions of people unless you have a better plan lined up to replace it.  Don’t do back-door deals to fill your own pockets when they are already plenty full.  Try your best to truly improve the world.  Trust me, your grandchildren will thank you for it.

Please don’t discriminate against immigrants.  Ninety-nine percent of them are here only for a better life.  Unless you’re a Native American Indian, please remember we were ALL immigrants once (including both your wives).

Please don’t discriminate against people with disabilities.  If you see someone in a wheelchair, offer to hold the door open for them.  Don’t mock or bully people for being different than you or I.  They have enough daily struggles without anyone else adding to their burden.  This should be common sense and not something that even needs to be addressed.  Sadly, it does bear repeating.

Please don’t discriminate against the LGBT community.  Decades ago, same-sex couples had to hide their true feelings and now we’ve progressed to the point where they’re finally allowed to marry and be out in the open.  Don’t take their rights away.  How does it really have any effect on your or I if two men or two women want to hold hands in public or be intimate in the privacy of their own home?  If two women make love instead of a woman and a man, I’m sure I feel no ripple effect from that.  Is it “gross” and “immoral?”  No.  It would be “wrong” to deny them the freedom to be who they are and to force them to live a lie their whole lives.

Please don’t discriminate against the African-American community.  They’re people with the same wants and needs as everyone else, they just happen to have been born with a different skin color.  I’m pale and my neighbor gets a beautiful tan in the summer.  That doesn’t make me afraid of her.  How about we change the status quo and start filtering money into the education system where it’s truly needed?  Knock down some inner-city schools and replace them with safe havens where kids can learn.  Let’s teach tolerance of others instead of hate and fear.  For a race of people to go from being slaves that were treated like property and have no rights at all, to becoming president of the United States…well that’s no small feat.  It’s something to be proud of and to never stop fighting for.

Please don’t discriminate against women.  Don’t cut funding for planned parenthood and don’t take away access for abortions.  Please understand that women are your mothers, your sisters, and your daughters.  Would you want that “locker room talk” said about them?  How you would feel if someone thought they had the right to grab someone YOU love by the p*ssy?  I’m pretty sure that would be a different story and completely unacceptable.

All I’m asking, Mr. Trump, is for you to follow the golden rule and do unto others as you would have done to yourself.  Don’t take this presidency lightly.  Show wisdom and restraint.  Check your ego at the door.  You have an amazing opportunity to leave a remarkable legacy.  Please don’t mess it up.

Thank you.


Grace Risata

I’m Grace Risata and I approved this message.


2 thoughts on “The Golden Rule

  1. Hi Grace,

    What a beautiful letter!!! I tried to share it on fb but for some reason it’s not showing up. I’ll keep trying though. You practically read my mind. I feel the same about everything you mentioned. Thanks! Karen


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