The Absolute Positively LAST Kindle Countdown Deal Blog Post…

I know what you’re thinking.  “All she ever writes about is her damn Kindle Countdown Deals and I’m so sick of hearing about them!”  I agree, dear reader, which is why this is the absolutely, positively, final Kindle Countdown Deal post.  I’m getting sick of doing them as much as you’re getting bored with reading them.  But I have to finish out the experiment properly so we can move on to bigger and better things.  So bear with me one final time…

Amazon Kindle Countdown Deal was planned for Sunday July 17- Saturday July 23, 2016.  This is the first countdown for my second book, “Nights in the Fast Lane.”  It was on sale for $0.99 and the regular price is $2.99.  The sale was for both Amazon USA and UK.

What’s different about this countdown deal?  I spent NO money to promote it.  I submitted it to only places that were free to list.  Sure, you’re taking a gamble that they’ll feature your book at all, but at least I didn’t have to pay for anything.  I’ve found that I basically broke even when I had to pay to be in newsletters, so I figured I’d try it on my own and see how I did.  Here is where I submitted it to: did not feature my book they featured my book in their 7/19 newlestter

Books on the Knob they did not feature my book and their site looks really spammy.  Would not use again they did not feature my book they did not feature my book – featured in newsletter 7/19 featured it in their newsletter 7/18 featured on their site 7/23 they did not feature my book          on their site 7/17 they did not feature my book featured in the newsletter 7/19 featured it on their site they did not feature my book  – They did not feature my book – they did not feature my book

Please note…When I say “They FEATURED my book” I mean that they listed it either on their site or in their email newsletter that goes out to all the subscribers every day.  So out of 16 places that I took the time to submit the book, 7 actually advertised it.  Not bad when you consider it was free.  I would like to thank all the free sites that did feature the book.  Booklover’s Heaven, Book Scream, Best Ebooks Free and My Book Cave have always done what they promised they would and I can’t recommend them enough.

Starting rank  Saturday Night July 16 – 306,102   #1793 in women’s fiction, humor category.

Day One:  Sunday July 17.

Woke up, checked to make sure the deal is LIVE in both Amazon US and UK.  Surprised the SHIT out of me to find out that my book was actually listed on the Amazon Countdown Deals dedicated page.  It was listed, however I had to dig to find it.  I was totally excited thinking that THIS WAS IT….I was gonna sell TONS of books now.  Did that happen?  Nope.  I think being listed on this didn’t honestly do a damn thing.  At least I know that now.

I posted my book in 12 Goodreads groups, Kboards, and KUF Forum.  I did a Facebook Post on my author page and posted in 17 Facebook groups over the course of the day.  I was totally afraid to post in ANY Facebook groups at all after I got sent to Facebook Jail for my last countdown deal over-posting.  Evidently Facebook gets pissed if you post to 50 groups copy/paste in the span of 40 minutes.  So I spaced out my posting over the course of the day.  I felt like I was playing Russian Roulette.  Will this post get me banned?  No.  Sigh of relief.  What if I post ONE more?  Still okay.  Ooh…the danger.  I was cautious to space out my posts and not fly too close to the sun.  I learned my lesson last time.

End of Day…Rank 48,755…..577 in Women’s Fiction Humor

Listed on ebookasaurus website.  Top row in Romance category

Book Sales – 6    Total KENP Pages Read – 1 Total Cost – ZERO!

Day TWO:  Monday July 18.

Rank at 7am….66,890…..734 in women’s fiction humor.

I was featured in the BookScream Newsletter and I was very optimistic about this.  BookScream is awesome and I get a lot of books from their newsletter.  It’s not spammy and very easy to navigate.  I had high hopes.  It did NOT pan out at all.

I was also scheduled to do an author takeover in a Facebook group that night.  Coincidentally enough, another author started to do a takeover right at the same time that I was scheduled.  I was like, “WHAT THE heck??” but it turns out the group accidentally double scheduled us and the other author was very gracious to bow out since I was the one listed as the author that was supposed to be taking over.  The author was extremely polite and she took it all in stride.  I thanked her and she told me it was okay because she had another takeover the very next day.  All’s wells that ends well.  99% of people I’ve met in the author community have been extremely friendly and I’ve made some great friends.    The takeover was really fun and I had a good amount of participation.  I checked the sales before and after the countdown deal.  I sold one book I can probably attribute to the takeover.

End of Day…Rank 128,252…..1093 in Women’s Fiction Humor

Listed on ebookasaurus website.  Top row in Romance category

Book Sales – 1    Total KENP Pages Read – 251    Total Cost – ZERO!

Day Three:  Tuesday July 19.

Starting rank at 7am…96,524…929 in women’s fiction

Featured in 3 email newsletters….Booklover’s heaven (1 of 2 books in the newsletter. Both were 99 cents), My Book Cave (1 of 2 books in newsletter, both were 99 cents.  Also featured on their Facebook Page), Best Ebooks Free (3 out of 4 in a newsletter, 3 were 99 cents and one was free).

End of Day…Rank 157,626

I had one sale all day and then posted in 9 Facebook groups at 8pm and had four sales after that.

Book Sales – 5    Total KENP Pages Read – 710     Total Cost – ZERO!

Day Four:  Wednesday July 20.

7am Rank…55,977…..636 in Women’s Fiction Humor

Featured nowhere.  Posted in 11 Facebook groups.

Book Sales – 1    Total KENP Pages Read – 257    Total Cost – ZERO!

Day Five:  Thursday July 21.

7am Rank  74,947

Featured on New free kindle ebooks site, second from the top.

Book Sales – 6    Total KENP Pages Read – 102      Total Cost – ZERO!

Day Six: Friday July 22.

7am rank – 44963

Featured nowhere.  Posted in 8 Facebook groups.

Book Sales – 4.   Total KENP pages read – 0.  Total Cost – ZERO!

Day Seven:  Saturday July 23.

7am rank – 57,296

Featured on the BookZio Website.  Posted in 9 Facebook groups at 7pm.  Already had 6 sales by then and received no more (so can’t directly contribute any sales to posting in Facebook).

Total Sales 6    Total KENP read- 0  Total Cost – ZERO!

Day 8 Sunday July 24.

Thankfully, the last countdown deal is OVER.  Here are the totals:

Total Sales of books – 29  (27 US, 2 UK)

Total KENP pages read – 1321 (1048 US, 273 UK)

Total profit (assuming 70% royalty on 99 cents and .004 cents per page read) = $25.58.

What did I learn this time?  Basically….Kindle Countdown Deals are good for generating buzz, you have to spend a LOT of time and do a lot of pimping to get your book out there.

What’s next for me?  Writing book #3.  Because all this marketing and promotion is a total burnout.  I would rather be writing.

Ironically…I had 2524 Page Reads on my first book…with NO promotion at all…in the same time frame (July 17-23).  (Both of my books are stand-alone novels and not related to each other at all)  Go figure!

As always…thanks again for reading and I’m sorry for boring you with all my facts and figures.





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