July Calendar…

Hello everyone!

Summer is now in full swing and I just wanted to give you an authorly update on my July calendar.  No, authorly is not a word, but I write fiction so that gives me the license to make stuff up.  There are a lot of words that are not real words, but I use them anyway.  Sorry, off topic.

Anyway, July is a very busy month with book stuff.  I have TWO kindle countdown deals planned.  A “kindle countdown deal” is where Amazon kindly reduces the price of my books to 99 cents so all the readers can get a great bargain.  So if you have any interest in my stories, they will be offered at a greatly reduced price.

“My Dirty Detour” will be on sale for 99 cents or £0.99 from July 4- July 8.

“Nights in the Fast Lane” will be on sale for 99 cents or £0.99 from July 17-23.

I also have two author takeovers on Facebook pages.  These are fun because the readers get to interact with the author (me!) and I get to make up games and hope they’re not stupid.

As for other July plans besides book-related stuff?  I’ll probably take in a concert, go fishing (that means sit in a boat and read on my kindle and try to keep the dog from doing a “man overboard” and jumping in the lake), and hang out by the pool.  Do I have a pool?  No.  I’m talking about my dog’s kiddie pool.  She’s a Labrador retriever, which is a water dog, however she does not swim.  She’s not a fan of being in water that’s over her head.  If she can’t touch the bottom, then she’s not interested.  So she has a five dollar kiddie pool that she doesn’t use.  If you throw a toy in her pool, then she likes to play “lifeguard” where she jumps in, saves the toy, shakes it off, and drops it on the lawn.  She does not play in the pool or sit in it.  She’s weird.  To each their own, right?

So…thanks for reading, have a great holiday weekend, and if you want an awesome cheap read, check out my kindle countdown deals!


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