New Orleans, Louisiana

            Ok.  The gardens are planted, the sun is out, and June is right around the corner.  What does that mean?  SUMMER IS HERE.  What else does that mean?  It’s time to plan my summer vacation and I could use some recommendations.

Don’t worry.  I narrowed it down to a city:  New Orleans, Louisiana.  Why?  I’m not exactly sure.  I asked myself, “Where do you want to go?” and the answer that popped into my head was, “New Orleans.”  I’ve been to a lot of different places, but never to Louisiana.  It has a rich history and I think it would be a fun place to explore.  Also, the food sounds AMAZING.

Some people just pick a city and go where the mood takes them.  I can’t do that.  I have to plan my trips with military precision.  We will eat breakfast at 8am.  We will tour the zoo at 9am.  Yes, I even choose which restaurants I’ll go to ahead of time.  When we went to Disneyworld, I planned which rides we’d go on in which order.  Is that neurotic?  Yes, very.  Was I able to do 8 rides in two hours and impress my family?  Absolutely!  For that reason, my vacations tend to be more stressful than my everyday life.  That’s just how I roll!

So I got a library book and started my planning.  Let me first tell you that I HAVE to start at the library.  If I just google “New Orleans,” then ninety million websites will pop up and that will freak me out.  I have to start simple.  The library books gave me some basic information and I got some cool ideas.  Yes, I wrote them down in a brand new fresh notebook that I cracked open just for that purpose.  I also have separate notebooks for each book I write.  That means I have so many notebooks that are 90% empty except for a few pages with random scribbles.

Next I went to my favorite travel site, “Trip Advisor.”  I love reading REAL reviews from REAL people who actually went to the places that I want to go.  I clicked on some lovely hotels and I got to see REAL rooms in those hotels and really awesome views that looked out into seedy alleys.  No thanks.  People leave the BEST comments on that site.  One person said the room was lovely until she found a g-string under the couch cushions.  Number one…that’s really disgusting.  Number two…why was the lady looking under the couch cushions?  That’s just asking for trouble in my opinion.

In case you’re wondering, my plans include a gator swamp tour, a culinary tour, and a cemetery tour.  Normally I wouldn’t book tours, I would just walk around and explore.  However, I don’t want to get eaten by a gator or mugged in the cemetery.  All these guide books say that New Orleans is dangerous and don’t go down that street and don’t tour the cemetery by yourself….don’t do this and don’t do that.  I’m wondering if it’s really that bad?  Should I be packing pepper spray?  Can I even bring that on the plane?  Don’t get me started on the “no liquids over three ounces” rule.  Not happy with that one at all!

I’m most excited to tour the cemetery and see Marie Laveau’s tomb.  I like vampires, zombies, and all that scary paranormal stuff.  If I come back with any special psychic superpowers that I picked up in New Orleans, I’ll make sure to let you know!

So if anyone out there has ever traveled to New Orleans on vacation, knows anyone who’s gone there, or if you live near there…please leave me a comment on your experience.  I’d love to know the best places to see, where to eat, and any other advice you can give me!

As always, thanks for reading and have a great day!


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