Shameless Self Promotion

My new book, Nights in the Fast Lane, is now LIVE on Amazon!  I thought it wouldn’t be quite as exciting to see it LIVE on Amazon because it’s my second book.  I was wrong.  I still giggled like a second grader and yelled, “It’s ALIVE!” like I was the evil doctor bringing Frankenstein to life.

Since I’m a writer and this blog is all about my writerly pursuits, I have to get some shameless self promotion in here every now and then.  I know, I know…you’re thinking, “You told me about your book already, how many times am I going to have to hear about it?  I came to your website/blog for the funny posts and not to hear you constantly trying to sell me stuff.  You’re worse than a telemarketer who calls me while I’m in the middle of making dinner!”

You’re absolutely right.  I promise this is the LAST blog post where I’ll shamelessly promote my book.  It’s just that…I’ll be honest with you…there are certain luxuries in life that I would like to be able to enjoy.  Book sales help with that.  To what luxuries am I referring?  I’m SO glad you asked!  FANCY GARBAGE BAGS!

Yes, folks, you read that right.  I am very cheap.  No, that sounds bad.  I am very THRIFTY.  I buy the cheapest garbage bags that the store sells because…they’re GARBAGE BAGS.  I’m literally buying a product that I’m going to throw away.  So I refuse to buy the good bags.  That means I’m stuck with the giant rolls where you can NEVER find where the bag ends and you can NEVER, and I mean absolutely NEVER, get the damn things open.  I have to sit and mess around with those babies for a good FIVE MINUTES before I can get them open.  It tries my patience and gets me agitated.

So I asked myself what I would like to splurge and buy with  my first Amazon royalty check.  “GARBAGE BAGS” was the immediate answer.  Don’t laugh at me!  It’s the little things in life that make all the difference.  Let me tell you, they were worth EVERY SINGLE PENNY of the ten bucks they cost me.  I’m talking NAME BRAND, DRAWSTRING TOP, REINFORCED, GLAD brand 90 count mega-pack.  I literally felt like I won the lottery.  I can get a bag out of the box (no cheap rolls for me, these come in a BOX!) and put it into the garbage can in THREE SECOND FLAT.  So exciting!

In conclusion…..Here is the link to my new book on Amazon.  Buy it for $2.99 or read for FREE with the Kindle Unlimited Program.  Thanks for supporting a struggling author and keeping me in fancy garbage bags.  Those are not the only thing I bought.  Don’t get me started on the fancy cheese!

Amazon Link:

Amazon UK Link:


            Dane and Izzy.

            Complete opposites.

As the New Year begins, they find themselves facing very different circumstances.

Dane is a street racer stuck with a blown engine, no money, and no options after he gets fired for saving a damsel in distress.

Izzy can’t believe she was just rescued by the same handsome stranger she walks past, and lusts after, on a daily basis.  With a massive blizzard about to bury the town, she ends up taking him in for the night.

Sparks fly when she brings out his playful side, and he shows her a passion she’s never known before.

As they slowly begin to trust each other, walls come down and tragic pasts emerge.  Dane is haunted by the family he never had, while Izzy will stop at nothing to deny her birthright.

When Dane receives an offer he can’t refuse, will one bad decision cost him everything?  Or will fate intervene and send these two down the path they were destined for?

This is a full length, stand-alone novel with no cliffhangers.  Please be advised that you will find strong language, attractive men with tattoos, a dog with a cat name, steamy bedroom scenes including one involving Doritos, plenty of character backstory,  and a very healthy dose of humor.


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