Cover Reveal…for my next book!!

Nights in the Fast Lane

Guess what?  Well, if you read the subject of this blog post then you probably already know.  I have a NEW book about to launch on Amazon.  It’s very exciting!  Ok, I should re-phrase that.  New books, much like new babies, enter the world every single day and nothing is really out of the ordinary about that.  But this is MY book, so I’m extremely excited.  If you’re still reading then you probably want to know more.  I’d be happy to tell you!  I’m sorry about all the exclamation points, I’ll try to tone it down a little.

My new book is called “Nights in the Fast Lane.”  Here is a sneak preview and a cover reveal.  Wait.  I’m not ready yet.  Before I show you the stunning cover, I would like to tell you about it.  Be patient.  It’s worth the wait.  I tried to do a cover by myself.  I’m a writer, not a graphic designer.  I did a sample cover and I showed a few people and they politely said, “Oh…that’s…interesting.”  Which meant that I should get help and do it properly. This is where it gets good.  The incredibly talented Kathryn Dee of KatDeezigns stepped in and created a beautiful cover.  If you’d like to contact her for anything design related, find her on Facebook at :  KatDeesCC      Without further ado…..check out my new book!

nights in the fast lane cover final

Dane and Izzy.

Complete opposites.

As the New Year begins, they find themselves facing very different circumstances.

Dane is a street racer stuck with a blown engine, no money, and no options after he gets fired for saving a damsel in distress.

Izzy can’t believe she was just rescued by the same handsome stranger she walks past, and lusts after, on a daily basis.  With a massive blizzard about to bury the town, she ends up taking him in for the night.

Sparks fly when she brings out his playful side, and he shows her a passion she’s never known before.

As they slowly begin to trust each other, walls come down and tragic pasts emerge.  Dane is haunted by the family he never had, while Izzy will stop at nothing to deny her birthright.

When Dane receives an offer he can’t refuse, will one bad decision cost him everything?  Or will fate intervene and send these two down the path they were destined for?

This is a full length, stand-alone novel with no cliffhangers.  Please be advised that you will find strong language, attractive men with tattoos, a dog with a cat name, steamy bedroom scenes including one involving Doritos, plenty of character backstory,  and a very healthy dose of humor.

Coming to Amazon on MAY 19, 2016



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