Graphic Teasers

I am so excited because I just learned how to do a new computer thing. My new knowledge also came with some really cool technical difficulties! Here’s the story.

If you read my blog post from last week, you know my new hobby/obsession is contacting book reviewers on Facebook.  One blogger was kind enough to offer to put my graphic teaser on her facebook page.

After I googled to find out what a Graphic Teaser was, I had to go about making one.  Wow.  Bad idea.  I have a habit of getting addicted to new things.  I went to Pixabay and searched for some CCO Public Domain Images.  Now only three months ago I would have had NO idea what that last sentence even meant.  In case you don’t either, let me explain.  Any images that you want to use on a book cover or teaser image…well they can’t be someone else’s copyrighted image or you’ll get in MAJOR trouble.  You have to find Creative Commons (CCO) Public Domain Images that are Free for Commercial Use with No Attribution Required (you don’t have to find the source of the photo and give them credit for it).  Pixabay is a website that has a great variety of this type of image that can be used for making book covers and graphic teasers.  I could easily get addicted to Pixabay.  Awesome images.  That was STEP #1 in making a graphic teaser.

But that’s not where the REAL addiction comes in.  Once you go to Pixabay and find a lovely image, you now have the option to do all sorts of fancy edits.  This is STEP #2 in making a graphic teaser.  Once your Pixabay photo is saved, you then go to PICMONKEY to edit the photo.  Wow.  I never knew there were so many editing options.  It is simply amazing.  I could spend hours on there.

The technical difficulties came into play when it was time to SAVE the finished graphic teasers to my computer.  For some reason it saved two them in the APRIL 2016 Pictures folder, but the last one was nowhere to be found.  After some immediate frustration, I found that the last graphic teaser was saved in my MARCH 2014 Pictures folder.  Evidently I somehow time-traveled two years into the past during the making of my graphic teasers.  Very interesting.   Still not sure how that happened.

In case you’re curious…here are the graphic teasers I made.  The first two are quotes from Rocky in “My Dirty Detour.”  If you’re following my blog, then chances are very good that you’ve already read that book.

earth meme

HEA meme


The third graphic teaser really IS a teaser.  It’s from my second book which is currently 70% complete.

hand shake zeus

Curious to find out more about that book?  So am I!  That’s why I have to finish writing it.

As always, thanks again for reading and I hope you enjoyed my graphic teasers!


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