Can I get a Rewind?

                 I made a stupid mistake a few days ago and it got me thinking.  I came to the conclusion that my life is desperately in need of a rewind button.

What was the cause of all this deep contemplation of mine?  I seem to have computer issues on a daily basis and I accidentally hit “REPLY” instead of “FORWARD” on an email.  There are too many arrows without labels and I might have been in a hurry.  Completely NOT my fault.  I was trying to forward an email from one of my favorite book review blogs to a friend to tell her about a new book release that sounded amazing.  My email might have contained some profanity to describe how F-ing great the excerpt was.  I asked my friend later if she was going to pre-order the book and she had no idea what I was talking about.  Turns out she never got the email.  No problem.  I actually follow several blogs and I got more than one email about this particular book.  So I re-sent the email from a different blog I follow.   Awhile later I was deleting old emails and I realized I hit the “REPLY” instead of “FORWARD.”  Not once, but twice.  With two separate book bloggers who now probably think I’m insane.

This is an example of why I need a REWIND button.  Nothing too drastic, mind you.  I don’t need to have the ability to rewind five years or anything.  That’s way too long of a do-over and it would probably break the space-time continuum.  All I really need is five minutes.  Just enough time to take back that email or stupid comment that flew out of my mouth before I thought it through.  Or the time I wasn’t paying attention while I was driving and hit a parked car.  Or the time I put an aluminum pan in the microwave and almost burned the house down.

It would also be nice to repeat the great moments in life. Who wouldn’t like to hear that unexpected compliment again or replay the sweet thing that your significant other did for you?  Not to mention relive those spicy bedroom activities that left you breathless!

Ah…who am I kidding?  I would mostly use the rewind button for food.  Have you ever eaten something that tasted so mouth-wateringly fantastic that you wish you hadn’t eaten it just so you could eat it again?  Maybe that’s just me, but I could list a dozen things off the top of my head that I would rewind and eat again.  92% of them happen to belong in the dessert family, but that’s no shocker.

Don’t even get me started on what I would do with a fast forward button.  The possibilities are endless!

As always, thanks for reading and have a great day!


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