Happy April Fool’s Day!


I just wanted to take a minute to wish everyone a Happy April Fool’s Day and give you a reminder to watch out for people playing tricks on you today.  I also thought it would be fitting to share the story of my most memorable April Fool’s joke.

Once upon a time when I was about eight years old, my cousin was staying over at my house for the weekend.  He’s about two months younger than I am, and we’re both the youngest kids on that side of the family, so we usually fought like cats and dogs.

Well he got sick of my incessant talking (my book on Amazon is a 190,000 word romance novel.  I’m physically incapable of telling a short story and I’m very chatty in real life too) and he made me a bet to shut me up.  He said, “I’ll give you FIVE DOLLARS if you can go ten minutes without talking.”  Once I made him show me that he really had five bucks, the bet was on.

By some small miracle I managed to go nine minutes and 58 seconds without talking.  At the very last second, my cousin turned to me and said, “You did great, but I’m not giving you the money.  Guess what?  APRIL FOOL’s on YOU!”

I screamed and cried and tattled to my mom.  Unfortunately she took his side by explaining, “It was an April Fool’s joke, and a very good one at that, so just admit defeat and move on.  He got you good!”

Gee, thanks for the support, mom.

I must have spent another half hour crying in my room, so my cousin actually got way more than his 10 minutes of peace and quiet from me.

To this day, we still try and top each other with April Fool’s jokes.  Although we do get along great now, I’m still naming a nasty character after him in my next book.  Just for spite.  Eight year old me still holds a grudge!

Thanks for the inspiration Barry!

Happy April Fool’s and watch out everyone!!!!

Thanks for reading and have a great day.


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