Naturally Curly Hair…Blessing or Curse?

It seems that everyone wants what they don’t have…the girls with straight hair want theirs to be curly, but the girls with curly hair want theirs to be straight. I fall into the latter category.  Having been born with naturally curly hair and spending my entire life trying to manage it, I would like to share the wisdom I’ve learned thus far.

Naturally curly hair is extremely dry, extremely fussy, and completely impossible to control. That being said, it is somewhat easier to manage if you’re using the right products.

SHAMPOO: Do not use products that contain sulfates.  Evidently sulfates are the main ingredient that goes in dish soap. Do you know how dry your hands get after you do the dishes?  That’s what you’re doing to your hair.  So step one is to find a shampoo with NO SULFATES.  I recommend:  L’oreal Ever series.  EverStrong, EverPure, EverCurl.  I use the EverCurl one.  I was afraid it wouldn’t have as much lather as the usual ones, but it’s exactly the same and you don’t have to use a large amount either.  Highly recommended.

CONDITIONER: Curly hair is naturally dry, so you want something that will give back the moisture.  When it is humid outside, curly hair sucks up the humidity and that’s what causes frizz and fly-away strands.  That’s my scientific explanation.  I highly recommend Tresemme Conditioner.  They have several varieties to deal with curly hair.  I use Moisture Rich, Anti-Breakage, and Flawless Curls.  I also like that the bottles come in a 28 ounce size.  They used to be 32, but Tresemme made them smaller, thinking they could charge the same price and no one would notice.  I noticed, Tresemme, I noticed!  I also LOVE Herbal Essences Hello Hydration conditioner.  It smells AMAZING and it makes my hair super smooth.  I’m sure there are other great products on the market, but they all have pretty high price tags.  I look at a 14 ounce conditioner for $19.95 and just can’t pay that.  More often than not, I try new products to find that they don’t work on my hair and I have to give them away to people.  If there was a way to but a once ounce sample size for $2.00 just to try it and see if I liked it, that would be way better.  Get on that, fancy hair companies!  Let me try before I buy!

MOUSSE: After you wash and condition your hair, which I recommend doing only every-other day and not every day or else your hair will dry out, you need to put on a finishing product.  I’ve found that mousses work better than gels, sprays, or creams.  A mousse is light and fluffy and doesn’t end up greasy or sticky.  I recommend Tresemme Flawless Curls Extra Hold Mousse and Herbal Essence Totally Twisted Curl Boosting Mousse.  I know it sounds like I’m a paid spokesperson for Tresemme and Herbal Essence, but I guarantee that is not the case.  It would be nice if I was.  I just find their products to be affordable and effective.  I’ve tried other products that just did not work.  Suave and Pantene both had curly mousses but they were not as good.  I tried Dark and Lovely Au Naturale Anti-Shrinkage Coil Moisturizing Souffle and that was a total waste of money.  It SHRANK my curls to 1/3 of their normal size.  I only bought it because it was supposed to be ANTI-shrinkage.  I guess there’s not a magic formula to keep curls from shrinking.  In my experience, creams just make my hair greasy-looking.

LEAVE-IN-CONDITIONER: I would recommend using Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine Intensely Smooth Leave-In Conditioner.  This smells amazing and I feel like it’s good for my hair.  I also liked Tresemme Leave-In Split End Conditioning Treatment.  It goes on smooth and doesn’t weigh hair down.

I have no other magical products to tell you about, dear readers. If anyone of you out there has naturally curly hair and you’d like to add ANYTHING at all to this discussion, please feel free to comment.

If you are a representative of L’oreal, Tresemme, or any other company that would like to give me free hair stuff to try….wow…that would be awesome, but I’m not going to hold my breath on that one.

As always, have a great day and thanks for reading!



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